Slight changes in the Estonian performance

Getter Jaani and her team just finished their second rehearsal. Fur sure Estonia is still among the favourites to do well in the contest, but not everything went right today.

The first run had to be interrupted very shortly after the start due to technical problems. The second try went quite well. The choreography was not changed compared to the first rehearsal. The backdrop still shows the Manhatten skyline and there are mini skyscrapers on stage. Getter starts singing standing on the top of one of the skyscrapers waving a yellow cloth which turns into a stick by a magical trick. Just before the first chorus she walks down via the backs of her dancers. Her two female backing vocalists changed their wigs into a "normal" hairstyle with coloured bows in their hair. 

After the first run long discussions started and so the starting pose was slightly changed. Getter now stood on the smallest one of the skyscrapers walking down by herself. At the end several parts were just sung by the backings. Did they change these parts as well or was Getter just saving her voice? All in all, today her vocal performance was better than during the first rehearsal. The whole performance is still very lively and coloured due to using yellow, pink and turquoise lights together with clothes in these coloures.

So Estonia is still one country to watch out.

Source: EuroVisionary
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