Senit no longer has to stand by in Düsseldorf

After standing on the sidelines for three years, San Marino returns to the Eurovision fold.  Senit had already spent most of the first day in the press centre, but now was her time to shine.

San Marino returned to the Eurovision stage this morning and gave a reasonabvle rehearsal.  After the madness of the previous song, this slowed things down with large amounts of dry ice.  The playback seemed a little slower than the preview, but this didn’t seem to matter.

Senit’s outfit for the night appears to be based around silver, with her support in black.  She has three backing singers – two female, one male – and also two guitarists that move around the stage during the song’s duration.

The backdrop featured no moving motifs, and was kept a simple black with blue lights.

San Marino appear to face an uphill task qualifying.  But in a semi-final like this, she may well get through.

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