Sanremo Festival – Second Evening – 14 to 10 and 8 to 4

After yesterday’s slightly anti-climactic events in San Remo’s Teatro Ariston, the second evening had added drama as four songs were eliminated temporally from the festival instead of the scheduled two.

Technical problems with the in-house guria demoscopia voting system meant that the results could not be established. Consequently, instead of two songs being eliminated, all the singers sang again this evening. In order to put things back on track, four songs were voted out. However, they will all have the opportunity to be voted back into the festival on Friday evening.

The first singer to perform was Nina Zilli, who co-wrote her song, Per Sempre. The other 13 singers in the Big section performed during the evening, in-between the Sanremosocial acts and other comedic entertainment. The last to sing was Dolcenera, who was first on stage last night.

The revamped newcomers category, now called Sanremosocial started this evening. All eight songs, performed and four would be eliminated by a public phone vote. The contest was arranged into pairs in duel fashion, so only one of each pair would survive. The first pairing saw 15 year old Alessandro Casillo and his song, E’ Vero head to head with Giordana Angi and her self-composed song,  Incognita Poesia. Alessandro Casillo won with an emphatic 89% of the vote.

The next pairing saw the group Iohosemprevoglia
Increand their soft rock song Incredibile up against Celeste Gaia, who performed her own song, Carlo, in slightly quirky fashion. After some more of the songs in the Big section, Iohosemprevoglia were told they had won with 69% of the vote.

The third ‘sing-off’ was between Erica Mou and her quiet, guitar led ballad, Nella Vasca da Bagno del Tempo and the other band in the Sanremosocial section, Bidiel and their song, another soft rock number, Sono un Errore. The result was the closest so far, with Erica Mou receiving 64% of the vote and staying in the festival.

No time was wasted introducing the final pairing, Marco Guazzone with Guasto, a song that is very Italian but with an individual feel, and Giulia Anania with a song that she co-wrote, La Mail che non ti ho Scritto. It’s a shame that these two were paired together as they are arguably the two best songs in this part of the festival.  One of them had to go and it was Giulia Anania who was the unlucky one as Marco received 62% of the vote.

Fortunately, the technical problems weren’t repeated and the results of the guria demoscopia vote were announced. The four acts in the Big section who will sing for survival tomorrow night are; Pierdavide Carone e Lucio Dalla,  Irene Fornaciari, Gigi D’Alessio e Loredana Bertè and Marlene Kuntz

In my view

It doesn’t happen often, but the jury were absolutely right. The four songs eliminated were the worst of the 14 on show.

In the Sanremosocial section, Marco Guazzone looks to be the favourite, but don’t rule out Iohosemprevoglia. Whoever does win this part of the festival, expect them to be chosen to go to Baku

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