San Marino returns to the contest with Senit!

After a break at the Eurovision Song Contest, SMRTV has decided to take part again in Düsseldorf. The representative of San Marino will be Senit.

As you may remember, San Marino joined the EBU family in 2008 and the country’s only participation at Eurovision Song Contest was in the same year when the contest took part in Belgrade. Unfortunately, rock band Miodio couldn’t take them through to the final despite the group’s performance which was surpassed all expectations.

EuroVisionary has received exclusive confirmation that San Marino’s national broadcaster, SMRTV, has decided to take part at the Eurovision Song Contest again for the second time. The task of representing the microstate was arranged between the channel and the well known singer Senit. The selection format will be announced later.

Senit made her debut on music scene with her self-titled first album, Senit. Un Tesoro è Necessariamente Nascosto (2007) and So High (2009) is the latest the addition to her discography.

Below, You can watch the videoclip of Senit’s Work Hard which took her to the top of her career.

Source: EuroVisionary
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