Is San Marino breaking EBU’s rules – Is Facebook a commercial brand?

As soon as this year’s entry from San Marino was released last night fans immediately started talking about whether or not it actually goes against EBU’s rules. The question is if Facebook is a commercial brand or not?

In 1987 Sweden had to change the title and lyrics of their Eurovision Song Contest entry. In the original version it carried the title Fyra Bugg & en Coca Cola. Coca Cola was a brand and therefore they had to delete all mentioning of that in the song, that was then changed to Boogaloo, Dansa Rock’n Rolla.

Will San Marino face a similar change? That will no doubt be discussed heavly in the next few days when they officially hand in the song in order for it to participate at the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest. The rules from the European Broadcasting Union, EBU, says: "No commercial messages of any kind shall be allowed. A breach of this rule may result in disqualification". (1.2.2.G from the public rules for the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest).

The San Marino entry song by Valentina Monetta and is called Facebook Uh, Oh, Oh. The question is now whether or not the social network, Facebook is a brand or not. If EBU considers it to be the song would either have to be changed in the lyrics as well as title or be disqualified.

Below you can first see the Swedish 1987 entry as it appeared in the Swedish final before the lyrics and title was changed. Afterwards follow the 2012 San Marino entry as it stands now.  

Source: EuroVisionary
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