Sabina Babayeva Wins Milli Seçim Turu’s 7th heat – There Will be a Break Next Week

Selections in the host country continue with its seventh heat this week where another group of nine participants fought the battle of the semi-final where Sabina Babayeva took the ticket. There will be a break in the selections next week when the day of mourning will be commemorated in Azerbaijan claiming genocide of Armenians in Xodjali.

As in the previous editions, a group of nine participants participated in the seventh heat of Milli Seçim Turu, including Erkin Osmanlı, AD Gioriam, Ayla İdrisova, Kamran Abdullayev, Səbina Babayeva, Xana Hasanova, Hayal Tağıyev, Natiq Bağırov and Azer Selimli. As it was revealed by the official broadcaster İçtimai TV, Sabina Babayeva was unfortunate to miss last week’s show due to her illness, but the committee has given her another chance to participate in this week’s heat.

The shows were presented, as usual, by Leyla Aliyeva and Hüsniye Maharramova. Our eight participants of the week showed their skills over five days in different music styles each night:

•    Tuesday: World Hits
•    Wednesday: Azeri Music
•    Thursday: Eurovision Hits
•    Friday: Performance Day
•    Saturday: Participants’ Choice

Before today’s show, Ayla İdrisova had an excellent chance of qualifying with the latest standings in the scoreboards were:

•    Ayla İdrisova – 3247 votes
•    Xana Həsənova – 1271 votes
•    AD Gioriam – 700 votes
•    Kamran Abdullayev – 522 votes
•    Natiq Bağırov – 268 votes
•    Azer Selimli – 203 votes
•    Erkin Osmanlı – 176 votes
•    Sabina Babayeva -170 votes
•    Hayal Tağıyev – 142 votes

After the performances of the week, the votes were announced from last position to top. The latest results were collected after each day’s results with the combination of jury and televoting, 50/50. After all these calculations, Sabina Babayeva got the medal of honour to participate in the semi-final. The results once again showed everyone nothing is finished before the last performances as Sabina almost moved herself from being last to first. With the results of the seventh heat, the Azeri Milli Seçum Turu’s semi-final heat now looks like: 

1st heat: Orhan Kerimli
2nd heat: Meryem Kerimova
3rd heat: Hayyam Mustafazadeh
4th heat: Fegan Sererov

5th heat: Elton İbrahimov
6th heat: Adil Bakışlı
7th heat: Sabina Babayeva

There will now be a week off to the Milli Seçim Turu, when Azerbaijan will commemorate their loss, claiming a genocide of Armenians in Xodjali, İçtimai TV reports. The eighth heat will start on Monday of the week after, with the World Music Theme and of course with the new participants. The show will start at 18.00 CET (21.00 with local time) and will be aired by İçtimai TV via satellite and web. Below you can watch the winner’s performances in heat seventh:  

Source: EuroVisionary
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