Russian National Final on 7th March

The Russian broadcaster for the Eurovision Song Contest, RTR, has announced 25 finalists. The winner of the 2008 contest, Dima Bilan, was anticipated to be among the 25 acts.

There will be a jury and public (SMS and web) vote on the final and RTR can invite artists to participate as wildcards.

The acts competing to be Russia’s representative are:

1.   Group ‘Princessa Avenue’
2.   Jay Stever
3.   Ana
4.   Miusha
5.   Duet ‘Para-bellum’
6.   Pyotr Suhov
7.   Oleg Bezinskih
8.   Natalia Terekhova
9.   Group ‘Jet Kids’
10. Pavla
11. Ekaterina Frolova
12. Ed Shulzhevskiy
13. Music group of Peter Nalitch
14. Group ‘Buranovskiye babushki’
15. Alexander Panaiotov
16. Group ‘Nano’
17. Natalia Damas and group ‘L’brand’
18. Alena Roxis
19. Antonello Carozza
20. Polina Kozhikova
21. Group ‘Los Devchatos’
22. Yulika
23. Elena Esenina
24. Group ‘Alaska’
25. Group ‘Scenakardia’

So, despite the rumours and expectation, Dima Bilan is not one of the names. A new name will represent Russia this year.

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