Portugal has another one of those days

Portugal have made the last two finals.  So diminutive Filipa Azevedo has a reputation to keep up.  Have we seen a song that will make it three finals in a row?

Filipa had a few problems with her first rehearsal, and sadly these continued in her second.  Some of the notes were slightly off, and she generally didn’t look like she was enjoying herself.

As those that have done Eurovisions will know, a few days in the goldfish bowl can easily take its toll on many performers (and the press) so this is probably why Filipa is suffering.

The general staging is effective with our favourite beaded curtain and star-like lights twinkling behind her.  She wears a long cream dress with a black belt.  The pianist and male backing singer are both in dark suits, while the female backing singers continue the cream motif with tops of that colour over long dark dresses.

I’m sorry to say that I don’t think Portugal will make it three in a row.  In a contest as cut and thrust as this, it appears that their song will just get lost among the rest.

Source: Eurovisionary.com
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