Poland is legendary. Or it hopes to be after the second rehearsal

The ethnic song returned this afternoon, in the form of Legenda by Marcin Mrozinski. It’s downbeat – in a minor key – but in a very strong way.

Marcin has one of the most powerful voices this year, and his opening lines demonstrate this perfectly.  I wouldn’t rule out an impromptu round of applause as he holds some of those notes.  He’s dressed soberly in a suit while five girls sing and dance around him in traditional Polish costume.

However, while it is excellent in the Arena, there appear to be one of two problems in the camerawork.  There’s the potential for it looking very busy on stage.  On the other hand, some of the close-ups on Marcin mean we miss some of the story behind the song.

On the whole, this has got great potential if they just tightened up on a few things.  It’d be good to hear Marcin’s voice in the final but, it is a 50/50 whether it will.

Source: Eurovisionary.com
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