Peter Jöback to release a new album with French songs about life, love and death

After having been in the Swedish final twice, but never made it to the Eurovision Song Contest, Peter Jöback will in a couple of weeks be releasing an album with Swedish versions of French classics. As an extra bonus the album contains three new song written in the same style. A signed edition can be preordered now.

With 20 years in between Peter Jöback participated in Melodifestivalen and by a coincidence finish 9th in the final both times. In 1990 his entry was called En Sensation and in 2010 Hollow got into the selection as a joker, but managed to go directly from its semi-final to the final.

The next album from Peter will hit the stores on the 19th of October. He himself calls it "his French project" due to that all the songs on the album is French classics except from three that are new, but however written in the same style. The album therefore also has a double title; in Swedish and in French: Livet, Kärleken och Döden – La Vie, L’Amour, La Mort (Life, Love and Death).

The most famous of the songs on the album will have to be Comme d’habitude, which many however will know better in the English cover version My Way by Frank Sinatra, but many of the more mature readers will nod familar to several of the songs. It is an interesting, but also risky project and after the 19th of October we will known just how Peter Jöback managed.


01. Jag Såg Mig Redan Dår (Je Me Vois Deja)

02. Jag Har Dig Nu (new song)

03. Vad Gör En Man Till En Man (Comme Ils Disent)

04. Håromdan Når Jag Var Ung (Hier Encore)

05. Tiden (Le Temps)

06. De Desperata (Led Désespérés)

07. Precis Som Vanligt (Comme D’habitude)

08. Jackie (La Chanson De Jacky)

09. Sång För Gamla Ålskande (Le Chanson De Vieux Amants)

10. Slåpp In Mig (New song)

11. Allt Finns Kvar (New song)

12. Jag Har Levt (J’ai Vecu)

13. En Förtvivlan Vån (Voir Un Ami Pleurer)

You can already now preorder a signed edition of this album via the links below. 

Source: Peter Jöback, Wikipedia, EuroVisionary
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