Pastora Soler wants Europe to Stay With Her

Spain rehearsed for the first time this afternoon and Pastora Soler sang with conviction and wore the pain that is needed to make her performance believable. She proved to be a first class singer with a great vocal range.

One of the most powerful ballads in this year’s contest comes from Spain and its title is Quédate Conmigo. It was a brilliant rehearsal packed with all the key ingredients of a successful hit.

The staging was very simple. She was alone on a dark stage during the greater part of the song and she was joined by five backing singers towards the last chorus and then the dark scene was lighted in bright colors.

They were three women and two men all of them dressed in black and they had a simple and well-coordinated choreography being situated behind her at first and then they move to the right of the stage. Their voices complement each other very well.

In the LED backdrop we could see raindrops, light pink shapes and white and blue stars with fireworks at the end of the performance.

About the outfit, for the rehearsal Pastora was wearing a white shirt with green stripes and sequins and a white skirt but two long white dresses were shown to the cameras which presumably will be the final outfit for her.

She holds the long notes effortlessly, she had no problems to hit the high notes and she is feeling the emotion of the song but it looks as though she is in pain during the majority of the performance.

Despite being a member of the Big 5, Spain has had a run poor results and it has not been in the Top 10 since 2004. With the advantage of a late draw, having won the wildcard that allowed them to choose their own position in the final, is Pastora Soler the one who will break the Spanish curse and at least take the country into the Top 10?

Source: EuroVisionary
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