The Olsen Brothers Road Trip Movie Coming Next Month

VW micro bus, hippy days, pot, girls, California early 1970s and Fly On The Wings Of Love. Those are the topics for a film about an Olsen Brother road trip. The short film, titled by their 2000 Eurovision winning song, is made by Danish teacher and actor Aske Bang.

After they became big stars in Denmark, the two Olsen brothers, Jørgen and Noller, wanted to make it big in Gods own county, USA. So they got a Yellow VW micro bus, not the classic type 2, but the boring 1969 type, and drives around in the all way to sunny California. With all the right hippie style, a lot of peace and love and a bag of pot.
The yellow bus might be inspired by Beatles’ Yellow Submarine – one of the big hits from that time.

After driving around for a while Jørgen and Noller pick up the two hippy girls, Maria and Angelina, and with them on board the brotherly friendship is brought to a test, but also the writing skills get on the way to a new peek and they get the devine inspiration for the year 2000 winner song, at the final in the Eurovision song contest in Stockholm, Fly On The Wings Of Love.

Well, that’s what the film wants us to believe, but it’s fiction. The Olsen Brothers road trip has never taken place – and the two girls, Marie and Angelina are the names of two of the biggest hits from the brothers.

Aske Bang and actor Allan Hyde explains the short film this way: "It’s a tribute to the Olsen brothers music carreer and a satire about music, love and inspiration". And with a budget of only 30.000 Danish kroner (aprox. 4000 Euros) they are quite happy with the result, and the film now only needs to get the final work over in the cutting room before its release.

Bang and Hyde hope that the Olsen brothers will find use it for their film in promotion for a new album. Otherwise it will be on Youtube and on Gourmet Film’s home page, some time in October 2012.

About the actors: Aske Bang, next to being the teacher and playing the role as Jørgen, he is a student at the Danisn School of Films and has appeared  in Danish films and tv seriers like Lærkevej, Borgen and Klassefesten.
Allan Hyde is now trying for a international career In Hollywood, and have so played the role as the 2000 year old vampire Godric in the HBO series True Blood. In Denmark he is best known as the Danish voice to Ron Weasley in Harry Potter. 

In my view

I think it’s a brilliant idea to make this short film, taking the two Olsen brothers, who made that stunning comeback winning the song contest after being in the wilderness for a decade, and place them in an environment not far away from the life lived by young pop stars some 40 years ago. One can just hope that the idea works on the screen, and not just in the mind of Aske Bang.

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Source: EkstraBladet, Wikipedia
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