OGAE: You Can Start Voting… NOW!

While the countdown for the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest is currently ticking down, the official fan organisation of the contest, the OGAE, has started their annual voting to predict the real winner of the contest. OGAE members from three countries have already given their predictions.

The official fan club of the Eurovision Song Contest, the OGAE (Organisation Générale des Amateurs de l’Eurovision) has started its annual voting with the members from 39 participating and non-participating countries. OGAE club members in each country start voting to predict the best entry for the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest. In the meantime, any-OGAE club cannot give a single point for their entry where they convert their member’s predictions to the points from 1 to 8 and then 10 and 12 as in the contest.

The results come together in OGAE International’s poll and then the results are released by them. Therefore, we know the three clubs’ results so far.

The first club that announces its voting was OGAE Bulgaria. They predict Sweden as their favourite for the 2012 song contest:

12 points: Sweden
10 points: Serbia
8 points: Cyprus
7 points: Denmark
6 points: Switzerland
5 points: Romania
4 points: Greece
3 points: France
2 points: Norway
1 point: Estonia

Then OGAE Slovenia announced their votes and their favourite was Spain. The rest of the results were:

12 points: Spain
10 points: Iceland
8 points: Serbia
7 points: Sweden
6 points: France
5 points: United Kingdom
4 points: Cyprus
3 points: Russia
2 points: Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia
1 point: Russia

We received the third points from the members who don’t live in Europe that is called OGAE Rest of the World. They preferred Iceland as well:

12 points: Iceland
10 points: Sweden
8 points: Spain
7 points: Estonia
6 points: The Netherlands
5 points: Russia
4 points: Slovakia
3 points: San Marino
2 points: Albania
1 point: Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia

After these three clubs votes, the final scoreboard now looks like:

1. Sweden 29 points
2. Iceland 22 points
3. Spain 20 points
4. Serbia 18 points
5. Cyprus 12 points
6. France 9 points
7. Estonia 8 points
7. Russia 8 points
9. Denmark 7 points
10. Switzerland 6 points
10. The Netherlands 6 points
12. Romania 5 points
12. United Kingdom 5 points
14. Greece 4 points
14. Slovakia 4 points
16. FYR Macedonia 3 points
16. San Marino 3 points
18. Norway 2 points
18. Albania 2 points
20. Italy 1 point

Below you can watch the top three countries’ preview video or you may visit our videopage for the all preview videos.

Source: EuroVisionary, OGAE International
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