O Melodie Pentru Europa 2011 faces with low interest

It is reported in the Moldovan media that national broadcaster TRM’s official national final O Melodie Pentru Europe faces with low interest on the way to Düsseldorf. There are still four days left to submit entries.

Though there are still four days left to submit entries for the Moldovan national final, called O Melodie Pentru Europe 2011, the organizers and the national broadcaster TRM are, according to Moldovan local media Pro TV, dissatisfied with the number of submitted songs, as well as their quality.

It is also reported that former Moldovan representatives have submitted their songs for the selections on their way to Düsseldorf.  Natalia Barbu who participated at the Eurovision Song Contest 2007 and succeeded to reach a 10th place with 109 points, will take part again. Another name is Sasha Bognibov who also participated in last year’s O Melodie Pentru Europa and will again take part this year.

Source: EuroVisionary, esctoday, Pro Tv
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