Not much to be positive about for the Ducth

There’s very little pressure on the Netherlands to qualify or even do well. Sieneke seems to be enjoying herself but apart from the odd hardcore shclager fan not too many are enjoying this.

The stage show is still the same. We have the organ and the two figurine style dancers in front of it. The three backing singers are dressed in black and Sieneke is all in white. Some people in the press centre are saying that it makes her thighs looks big, but I actually think her look is one of the best things about this entry.

The song is very catchy, but it’s also very camp. I can’t see this picking up many votes from the televote and I’d doubt the juries will warm to it either. Netherlands will have to pray very hard to have any chance of qualify. But, as I said, the isn’t much pressure on her to do so.

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