Moniqe Foxx new South Africa hit is 1999 Malta Eurovision song

Popular South African singer, Moniqe Foxx, has released her version of the Times 3 song, Believe ‘n Peace.  Moniqe’s version is in the Afrikaans language and is called Glo In Jou.

Moniqe recently released her debut album in South Africa.  The first hit from the album was the title track, Ek Kan. This is a very upbeat song and will appeal to a lot of Eurovision fans.

Moniqe also covered 2 other Eurovision songs on her album.  She sang 24-7 which is her version of Secret Combination by Kalomira (Greece 2008).  Moniqe also covered Love Is The Reason from Charlene & Natasha from the 2005 Malta Song For Europe.

For more information about Moniqe you can visit her website at

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