Melodifestivalen 2012: Swedish viewers votes Ulrik Munther and David Lindgren through to the final

After month of preparations and days of rehearsals tonight it was finally time to select two more finalists in Sweden. It was an exciting battle between debutants like David Lindgren, Melodifestivalen veterans like Andreas Lundstedt and former sensations like Timoteij.

The opening act 

The show is opened by a recap reminding us about last week’s favourites followed by a pre recorded video with the hosts reading newspaper headlines. According to the headlines the Swedish viewer’s wants more guys in Melodifestivalen. The hosts Sarah Dawn Finer then decides to give the viewer’s more guys and opens the live show performing as Backstreet boys and N sync together with Eric Saades dancers from last year Daniel Gill and Alvaro Estrella.

The songs

Song number 1:  Ulrik Munther– Soldiers (Joy Deb, Linnea Deb, David Jackson and Johan Åberg)

Impressive and solid performance from the boy with the golden voice. It looks like he is having a lot of fun on stage and enjoying the three minutes, just as he told EuroVisionary’s reporter during the press-conference yesterday. You can read the interview with Ulrik here.

Song number 2: Top Cats– Baby Doll (Lina Eriksson, Mårten Eriksson and Susie Päivärinta)

It’s fast and energetic and this act does really get the audience in the arena going. Everyone claps along to the music and cheers for the band as they leave the stage after their performance. It’s not hard to tell that the guys in the band really loves what they do, even though it is a little bit hard for them to just pretend to play the instruments.

Song number 3: Sonja Aldén– I din himmel (Bobby Ljunggren and Peter Boström)

During the rehearsals Sonja has had problems moving around on stage with her high heels and long dress. Not difficult to understand since there are a lot of smoke on stage during the entire song. Now however Sonja delivers a fantastic show and she should be very satisfied no matter what happens later tonight.

Song number 4: Andreas Lundstedt– Aldrig aldrig ( Maria Marcus, Niclas Lundin and Randy Goodrum)

This is the eighth time around for Andreas Lundstedt but the first time in five years he is participating without his colleagues in Alcazar and also the first time in 15 years he sings in Swedish. In the beginning of the song he is accompanied by three dancers which at the end of the song becomes five. The audience really gives Andreas their support right from the start. You can read the interview with Andreas Lundstedt here.

Song number 5: Timoteij – Stormande hav (Kristian Lagerström, Johan Fjellström, Stina Engelbrecht and Jens Engelbrecht)

I wouldn’t say that Stormande havis as strong as Timoteijs first entry Kom, but that doesn’t stop these for girls from doing a spectacular show. The audience really loves them and claps along to the music. The girls should be really happy with themselves. You can read EuroVisionary’s interview with Timoteij here.

Song number 6: David Lindgren– Shout It Out (Tony Nilsson and Fernando Fuentes)

Until Friday night’s rehearsal David Lindgren was seen as an unknown underdog but now he seems like a competitor for one of the spots in the final. And it is very obvious that David is one of the audience favourites. People in the audience stands up and dances and claps along. In an interview with EuroVisionary last night, David said he just expected to have fun tonight and it really seemed like he enjoyed his three minutes on stage. You can read the interview with David Lindgren here.

Song number 7: Mimi Oh– Det går för långsamt (Anton Malmberg Hård af Segerstad and Niclas Lundin)

It’s a pity that Mimi Oh was placed between David Lindgren’s up tempo song and Thomas Di Leva’s feelgood song, it makes her song even more slow than it actually is. Mimi Oh does a good performance but gets a moderate response from the audience in the arena.

Song number 8: Thomas Di Leva– Ge aldrig upp (Thomas Di Leva)

Since Thomas Di Leva has had long and successful career in Sweden which also shows in the arena tonight. The audience is with him right from the start. No matter what happens later tonight he will have a hit that will be played on the Swedish radio stations for several month to come.

The interval act

As the host Helena Bergström not will be joining her co-hosts Gina Dirawi and Sarah Dawn Finer in stage tonight she joins them through a pre-recorded video. After the first recaps we met Helena Bergström as four different characters.

After a first round of voting host Sarah Dawn Finer reveals which five artist that has gone through to the second round. While the Swedish viewer’s voted for the second time they were entertained by DJ Håkan Lidbo feat Jessica Folcker and Branded performing a mash up of Anniela’s song Elektrisk from last year and Leila K’s Electric.

The result

After the first round of votes Thomas Di Leva, Top Cats, Timoteij, Ulrik Munther and David Lindgren are still in the competition.

6 Sonja Aldén

7 Andreas Lundstedt

8 Mimi Oh

Ulrik Munther and David Lindgren were sent right through to the final and Top Cats and Timoteij will have to go through the second chance heat to be able to get a spot in the final.

EuroVisionary were able to get a few words with David Lindgren before he left the arena. 

Congratulations David, how do you feel now?

Thank you I feel high, it’s magic.

So what was your first thought when the host announced that you were through to the final?

That I wanted to cry, because I’m so exhausted and everything at once, It’s magic.

How will you celebrate tonight?

Hopefully I will find my family around here somewhere and we’ll go to the afterparty and have a good time. But I’m pretty tired actually so we’ll see.


We were also able to get an interview with Timoteij.

Congratulations, you are in the second chance heat. How do you feel?

Good. We are reallt happy and satisfied.

What was your thought when the host announced that you were through to the second chance heat?

We were really happy and now we get a chance to sing the song a second time. We are really happy.

How will you prepare for the second chance heat in Nyköping?

We don’t know yet. We well get a lot of sleep and practice on our performance over and over again and hopefully improve.

How will you celebrate this tonight?

We are going to dance and meet our friends and family.

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