Melodifestivalen 2012: Second heat dress rehearsal

This week it’s time for eight more acts to compete for the two spots in the final in Ericsson Globe Arena on March 10th. This weeks line-up is more even than the one in Växjö last week therefore it’s much harder to predict the result. Judging by the audience response in the arena we can expect a few surprises tomorrow.

The opening act
Just as last week the show begins with a recap, this time it is from last week’s show. This is followed by a pre recorded video with the hosts looking at few newspaper headlines from last sunday. The Headlines all says that there were too many girls in last week’s show and that the Swedish viewers want more guys in Melodifestivalen. How will the hosts solve this problem? The camera then cut’s to the arena and on stage where we find the Backstreet boys, or is it really?

The songs
Song number 1:  Ulrik Munther– Soldiers (Joy Deb, Linnea Deb, David Jackson and Johan Åberg)

There are a lot of girls in the arena screaming their hearts out when Ulrik enters the stage to the tones of Verves Bitter sweet symphony. The audience in the arena are asked to light their cell phones, which gives a nice effect that looks like candles all over the arena. Ulrik Munther delivers and despite his young age he is very secure on stage. Though I can’t help but wondering if this is enough to make it to the final. This pop song is really well produced but is it enough to get the viewers to pick up their phones to vote for it? However, the audience in the arena really like this.

Song number 2: Top Cats– Baby Doll (Lina Eriksson, Mårten Eriksson and Susie Päivärinta)

Enters the stage to Jerry Reed’s song East bound and down. Top Cats really seem to enjoy their three minutes on stage. This is one of this week’s most energetic songs and it can be very dangerous tomorrow. Don’t forget last year when The Playtones went right through to the final from their semi final. The audience in the arena likes this and claps along to the music and cheers a lot after the performance. Will Top Cats have the same luck as The Playtones?

Song number 3: Sonja Aldén– I din himmel (Bobby Ljunggren and Peter Boström)

Sonja enters the stage to a song from Astrid Lindgren’s Ronja Rövardotter (Ronia the robber’s daughter). Except for a bridge Sonja is all alone on stage. To get the viewer’s into the right mood Sonja’s got both smoke and help from Carola’s wind machine, which is very effective. From what I can see there is also a lot of close up’s at Sonja, and that together with the smoke and the wind machine it’s almost poetic. Just before the first chorus she steps up on the bridge. This is a well produced song that suits Sonja really well, though I think this ballad will disappear tomorrow since it was placed in between two up tempo songs.

Song number 4: Andreas Lundstedt– Aldrig aldrig ( Maria Marcus, Niclas Lundin and Randy Goodrum)

Andreas enters the stage to Beyonce’s Crazy in love.  You can see that Andreas Lundstedt is a entertainer even when he is on his way to the stage, he just dances along the catwalk and onto stage. His song is a very modern pop song, and for the first time in 15 years Andreas sings in Swedish in Melodifestivalen. This breathes a little bit of Alcazar even though it’s sung in Swedish. Both the song and the show is very well produced but somehow I get the feeling that never really get’s that extra energy that is needed to get the viewer’s votes.

Song number 5: Timoteij– Stormande hav (Kristian Lagerström, Johan Fjellström, Stina Engelbrecht and Jens Engelbrecht)

Timoteij enters the stage to AC/DC’s Back in black. This song really sound like Sarek’s melodifestivalen entries, which is not that strange since it is the people behind Sarek that has written this song. If you compare Timoteij’s song Kom from 2010, Stormande hav is much more old fashioned. In 2010 this felt new and fresh, but now I feel like we have heard this before. Though it’s a good rehearsal and the audience really loves the girls and their song.

Song number 6: David Lindgren– Shout It Out (Tony Nilsson and Fernando Fuentes)

David Lindgren enters the stage to The sugarhill Gang’s Rappers delight. The audience really like this and claps along from the start. This was a surprise since David is fairly unknown to the Swedish viewer’s. David starts the first verse alone on stage and are later accompanied by four dancers. This is a show that will make his competitor Danny Saucedo green with envy. David sings very well and dances throughout the whole song. And since David normally performs in musicals it’s no problem for him to dance and sing at the same time. Of all the artists, David is the one getting the best response from the audience, they really love this. It will be exciting to see if the TV viewer’s like him too.

Song number 7: Mimi Oh– Det går för långsamt (Anton Malmberg Hård af Segerstad and Niclas Lundin)

Mimi Oh enters the stage to Frida’s I know there is something going on. Mimi Oh takes us back to the 80’s both with her song and her show. Her song is called Det går för långsamt (It’s too slow). And that is the feeling I get watching this, especially after Davids super-energetic show this feels like a sleeping pill. It’s a cool song but as she is unknown to the viewers and there are other songs that stands out much more than hers she is no competitor for a spot in the final.

Song number 8: Thomas Di Leva– Ge aldrig upp (Thomas Di Leva)

Thomas Di Leva enters the stage to Craig Armstrong’s Escape.  This is a typical Thomas Di Leva song. His fans will recognize his sound. Thomas is accompanied on stage by a band and two dancers. This is really a feel good song but unfortunately it’s kind of repetitive. The audience really enjoys this and cheers a lot both during the song and afterwards. Thomas Di Leva has had a long and successful career in Sweden and has a lot of fans. They might vote him through to the final or the second chance heat even though the song’s not one of his best.

The interval act
The host Helena Bergström will not be joining her co-hosts Sarah Dawn Finer and Gina Dirawi live on stage this week. But after the first recaps we are showed pre recorded videos with Helena Bergström as four different characters.

During the second round of voting and we are entertained by the DJ Håkan Lidbo feat Jessica Folcker and Branded with a mash up of Anniela’s song Elektrisk from last year and Leila K’s Electric.

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