Melodifestivalen 2012: Melodifestivalen entries among the most downloaded songs on iTunes – Loreen making a triple

On Saturday night after the fourth semi final all of this years participating songs were released. 20 of the 32 songs went right into the list of the 50 most downloaded songs on iTunes. Among the top 10 songs in the list, 9 comes from Melodifestivalen.

One of this year’s first finalists, Loreen has not one but three songs in this chart (places 1, 33 and 38) and two of them are entries from Melodifestivalen. Her song Euphoria from this year’s Melodifestivalen is the most popular song on the chart and Danny’s song Amazing is right behind holding the second place. In newspaper and social networks around Sweden Swedish viewer’s claim that the big battle in the final will be between Loreen and Danny. Loreen won this fight; will she win in the final too?

1. Loreen – Euphoria (Single version)
2. Danny Saucedo – Amazing
3. Lisa Miskovsky – Why start a fire
4. David Lindgren – Shout it out
5. Molly Sandén – Why am I crying
6. Dead by April – Mystery
7. Sean Banan – Sean den förste banan
8. Charlotte Perrelli – The girl
9. Ulrik Munther – Soldiers
11. Dynazty – Land of broken dreams
12. Axel Algmark – Kyss mig
14. Hanna Lindblad – Goosebumps
16. Björn Ranelid – Mirakel (feat Sara Li)
18. Timoteij – Stormande hav
22. Mattias Andréasson –  Förlåt mig
32. Youngblood – Youngblood
33. Loreen – My heart is refusing me
34. Christer Sjögren & Lotta Engberg – Don’t let me down
35. Top cats – Baby doll
38. Loreen – Sober

Source:, SVT,
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