Melodifestivalen 2012: The 10 finalists first rehearsal on the stage in Globen

Today, Thursday, the Swedish finalists will rehearse on stage in the Globen arena for the first time. EuroVisionary is present and will provide you with the latest news of what happens during the rehearsals. This article will be updated throughout the whole day as the artists practice their performances.

Song number 1: David LindgrenShout it out

David starts all alone at the side of the stage. When the song reaches to the first chorus he has moved to center stage and is accompanied by his four dancers. In the middle of the song David hands over his microphone to one of his dancers to be able to do a little break dance part. During the rehearsals in Gothenburg David’s pants slit at every run-through during the break dance part.  It should be interesting to see what they’ve done to prevent that from happening on Saturday. The artists does not rehears in their actual clothes today,  we only get to see yhem on a hanger. When they are showing David’s outfit the journalists are told that they have to different set of clothes for Saturday. One with the blue/grey that he wore at the semi final in Gothenburg. The other set of clothes contains a pair of black pants and a white shirt.

This is a up tempo song, a real club song not that different from Danny Saucedo’s In the club from last year. David really seems to enjoy his rehearsal on stage. But even though he is a good singer he sounds a little stressed, especially during the parts of the performance when he dances a lot.

Song number 2: Thorsten Flinck & RevolutionsorkesternJag reser mig igen

Thorsten Flinck seems to really enjoy his rehearsal on stage. Just as David he starts at the side of the stage and during the first verse he walks to the center of the stage.  During rehearsals Thorsten is really theatrical and does a lot of gestures. Also, he changes the lyrics a little and changes the words in different parts of the song, this he won’t be doing on Saturday.

Thorsten has a strong voice that really suits this song. Not a false note during his three run-throughs. The song sounds a little bit like old songs with Swedish group Nationalteatern or artist Joakim Thåström.

Song number 3:  Dead by AprilMystery

A solid first rehearsal for Dead by April. One of the two lead singers starts of standing outside the cage where the drummer is sitting in. As the camera walks around the cage the lead singer turns so the camera catches him through the cage. After the first verse the second lead singer comes in, he starts of at the side of the stage and works his way to center stage. Especially the lead singers walk around a lot, but also the rest of the band is very active on stage. There are no noticeable news in Dead by Aprils performance.

This is a hard rock song with lots of energy. Both lead singers have really strong voices and complete each other as one of the singers has a more melodic voice and the other one grawls. The lead singers different voices really suits this song and both of them are excellent singers.

Song number 4: Lisa MiskovskyWhy start a fire
When the song starts, Lisa is standing at center stage between her two dancers. The dancers both have big white dresses with long sleeves making them look a little bit like angels. Also the dresses change colors from purple to orange and blue throughout the performance. The dancers are standing on top of boxes on each side of Lisa. She sings the two first verses and chorus and then walks to the front of the stage and the dancers then follow her. No new thing’s has been added to Lisa’s performance after the semi final. 

Lisa is an excellent singer and delivers three solid run troughs. She is co-composer to this song so it’s quiet obvious that the song is written to fit Lisa’s voice. The cold Lisa had during the semi final week in Malmö seems to be gone now; there are at least no traces what so ever in her voice of any illness. Lisa’s singing is flawless during her three run-throughs.

Song number 5: Top CatsBaby Doll

These five cats all they got right from the first run-through. In the band there is a pianist, a guitarists, a drummer, a bass player and a singer. Everyone has a lot of energy on stage, even though they are not moving around that much you can see the energy in their faces.  In the beginning of the song the pianist is sitting by the piano, but during the first chorus he rises up and pushes the chair away. There are no changes in the actual performance but between the run-throughs the journalists present are showed new outfits that the band are going to wear on Saturday.

This is an up tempo Rockabilly song with lots of energy. This is the kind of music the band usually plays and this sound really fits the lead singer’s voice. As several of the other finalist, the singer Jon is an excellent singer and his singing is flawless all the way through the three run-throughs.

Song number 6: LoreenEuphoria

Loreen starts off all alone on stage.  She stands on top of some kind of platform. She dances throughout the whole performance and towards the end of the song she is accompanied by a male dancer.  The dance is very soft and might be a little inspired by tai chi. There are no noticeable changes in Loreen’s performance. Though there seem to be slight changes in her outfit as the journalists are shown a fabric sample. At the dress rehearsal tomorrow night we will see what they’ve changed in the outfit.

During the first run-through Loreen holds back and does not sing the whole song. She seem to save her voice, especially at the parts of the song that demands a strong voice. During the press conference earlier we were told that Loreen couldn’t attend it due to a appointment at the doctor. It’s not confirmed that the doctor’s appointment and the holding back during the rehearsals are related. Between run throughs when Loreen sings the voice sounds stained. During the second run-through Loreen doesn’t sing much at all, just a couple of phrases.  During the third and last run through Loreen sings throughout the whole song and her singing is flawless during the whole performance.

Song number 7: Ulrik MuntherSoldiers

Ulrik starts off at center stage with his guitar and mouth organ. When the first chorus starts two drummers, sitting at each side of Ulrik starts to play, a very effect full start of the chorus. The sets of drums both have Ulrik’s name on them.  As Ulrik stands behind a microphone stand throughout the whole song there is not much happening on stage, he lets the song speak for itself. Ulrik has not made any changes in the performance since the semi final in Gothenburg.

Ulrik’s voice suits this pop song perfectly. He has a really strong voice and does not hold back during the run troughs, he gives it his all.

Song number 8: Björn Ranelid feat. Sara LiMirakel

This is a performance with lot of energy. Björn Ranelid and Sara Li is accompanied on stage by four female dancers. Björn walks around on the stage and recites poetry and Sara sings the choruses.  Sara Li also dances together with the dancers throughout the whole performance. Several of the artists has at least looked like they have been enjoying their rehearsal but Björn just looks like he wants to get this over with. Between the run-throughs he gets help with all the camera angles since he seem to do a few misses during the first rehearsal. At the rehearsal today, Björn sings a few lines in english, this has been added since the semi final. It’s not confirmed yet wether he will do this on saturday.

Sara Li has an extremely good and strong voice and it really suits this pop/disco song. As Björn Ranelid doesn’t sing it’s hard to write anything about his voice except that it’s strong. Even though he has a Swedish accent that is hard to understand sometimes. Listen to the chorus, it sounds a little bit like Cool James and Black Teacher’s 90’s hit Dr Feelgood.

Song number 9: Molly SandénWhy am I crying

In the beginning of the song Molly is sitting all by herself at the center of the stage. After the first chorus she stands up and walks to the front of the stage to a microphone stand.  During the last chorus Molly throws the microphone stand to the ground and sings the rest of the song with the microphone in her hand. Molly is all alone on stage throughout the whole song and just as Ulrik Munther she lets the song speak for itself.  When you see it on screen there are a lot of close ups on Molly but when you see it in the arena you really just can focus on the song and it is indeed a powerful song.

Molly is a great singer, which becomes very obvious in this song as the focus is at Molly and her voice. This is a solid rehearsal from Molly and she shows off her strong voice from the start of the first run-through.

Song number 10: Danny Saucedo Amazing

In the beginning of the song, Danny is all alone on stage. During the first chorus he is accompanied by five male dancers. Danny dances throughout the whole song and really keeps up with the dancers in the advanced choreography. Danny is the only artist who rehearses with the actual outfit today, probably because he has the most technical advanced clothes and it’s important to make sure that everything works the way it should so there are no mistakes on Saturday. In Danny’s clothes there are a technique called thin lights to make his clothes glow in the dark. During the run-throughs Danny looks very focused and determined.  It’s no secret that Danny is in this to win.

Before the rehearsal starts Danny is announcing that he won’t sing during the two first run-throughs, probably to save his voice for Saturday. It is kind of strange to see the rehearsal with just music and dance. During the third run-through Danny sings but sounds both strained and out of breath. It’s not strange that he is out of breath since the outfit weighs about seven kilos.

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