Max Jason Mai will not close his eyes to Eurovision success

Slovakia’s song is in complete contrast to the previous rehearsal.  Whereas before we had a strong ballad, we now have a powerful heavy rock song.  MJM gives it everything to convince the press that this is a contender.

Our next rehearsal of the day gave us the chance to see some strobe lighting in full effect.  If Europe wants a song to wake it up, or something different, then this is for them.  It’s the only rock song of the show and while rock doesn’t always do well, a song in a similar vein has won in the past.

Max, or MJM as we can call him, was dressed as a rocker would be.  Black and jeans were the order of the day.  His band consists of three hooded guitarists and a drummer.  We are not sure whether this is how they’ll be dressed next Thursday.  MJM was moving around the stage varying where he went for each run through.  The end of the song, however, sees him at the end of one of the catwalks.

The background reflects the song and is very industrial.  It appears to show painted girders that change colour from white to red.  There’s lots of strobe lighting as mentioned earlier and the spotlights are well used.

MJM didn’t appear to be totally in tune with the music all the time.  He seemed a key higher but it was only noticeable occasionally.  His band are still working out whether to stay where they are or move around the stage.  Moving around would help with a song like this.  On today’s performance, it’s not a guaranteed qualifier, but Slovakia still has another rehearsal.

Stay tuned for a 3D video of MJM’s rehearsal and also for his second appearance on the stage in the coming days.

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