Masterchef Denmark kicks off tonight with several national finalist and one Eurovision Song Contest participant

Tonight TV3 Denmark kicks off with its second edition of Masterchef where a total of 34 well known names will compete in order to determine which of them is the best cook. Among them are one former Eurovision Song Contest participant and several national finalist. 

When the new season of Masterchef kicks off tonight the Danish viewers will once again get to see famous people, not necessarily that familiar with cooking themselves, compete in front of the three judges that are professional cooks. The line-up that has been revealed contains several well known names to the world of Eurovision. 

Most well known is Jacob Sveistrup, who represented Denmark at the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest coming 9th with the song Talking To You. Among the many other competitors we however also find three national finalists. Suriya Hoffmann, who participated in this year’s Dansk Melodi Grand Prix singing the dubstep song Forever I B Young is one of them and Annette Heick another one. Annette has, as the daughter of Keld & Hilda Heick, grown up with the Eurovision Song Contest, but only participated twice herself. First time in 1991 in the duet Du Er Musikken I Mit Liv together with Norwegian Egil Eldøen, which ended 4th in the national final. In 2007 she was back with the self composed entry Copenhagen Airport, which ended 7th in the final. The third one is Morten Lindberg aka Master Fatman, who participated in the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix twice. First time in 1995 he came 4th with the song Jordisk Kærlighed, the year after he sang I Nat, a duet with Jannie Høgh, which ended 5th.

The judges are the three professionel cooks Thomas Castberg, Thomas Herman and Anders Aagaard.  

The total list of participants are

Dan Rachlin, TV and radio host

Morten Lindberg (aka Master Fatman), entertainer

Amin Jensen, TV host, comedian

Farshad Kholghi, actor

Amanda Moltke-Leth, golf player

Peter Christensen, politician

Anne-Grethe Bjarup Riis, actor

Gitte Nielsen, actor, TV host, EX-wife to Sylvester Stallone

Peter Reichardt, actor

Annette Heick, singer, TV host, 

Henning Jacobsen, actor

Rudy Markussen, professionel boxer,

Basim, singer, known from X-factor,

Jakob Sveistrup, singer

Sebastian Dorset, stand up comedia,

Bettina Aller, media boss,

Joachim Knop, operasinger and actor

Sebastian Aagaard-Williams, singer and actor

Bill Holmberg, dancer

Joakim Ingversen, TV host

Sophie Fjellvang-Sølling, professionel skicross runner

Charlotte Guldberg, actor

Lars Jørgensen, handball player

Steen Lund, dancer, dancing teacher

Charlotte Sachs Bostrup, actor and film instructor

Le Gammeltoft, DJ and radio host

Suriya Hoffmann, singer

Claes Bang, actor

Lisa Aybike Kir, Hollywood wife

Søs Egelind, actor, entertainer,

Claire Ross Brown, English/Danish actor, model and singer

Mascha Vang, former reality star, radio and TV host

Thorkild Thyrring, racing driver

Claus Elming, TV host 

Masterchef Danmark starts on TV3 Denmark the 20th of February and will be broadcasted every Monday to Thursday at 19:00 CET with a re-run the next day early afternoon.  

Source: TV3, EuroVisionary
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