Malta: The 16 songs through to the final!

Tonight Malta held a semi final of 24 songs at the Mediterranean Conference Centre in Valletta.  16 songs have qualified for the final tomorrow night.

The show is opened by Thea Garrett with a reprise of her 2010 Eurovision song, My Dream.
The presenters are Valerie Vella and Keith Demicoli.
The songs:
01. Amber Catch 22 (Ray Agius, Godwin Sant)
– with the first of her 2 songs in the competition. Amber performs a catchy pop song. Amber has a soul/jazz feel to her voice in the style of Pixie Lott and Duffy. She is dressed in black and begins the song sitting at a piano before moving around the stage.
02. Kurt Calleja Over And Over (Johan J’atmberg, Kurt Calleja)
– Kurt peforms this rock ballad with a band.  Kurt has a strong voice and gives a strong performance.  He is dressed casually in jeans on stage.
03. Cherise Grixti Heart Of Glass (Philip Vella, Gerard James Borg)
– Cherise was granted a wild card to the final because she won the popular tv show, SFIDA. Cherise is dressed in a lovely long purple dress.  This is a lovely ballad.
04. Wayne Micallef Everybody Sing (Wayne Micallef, Wayne Micallef)
– this songs starts slowly and builds nicely to an uptempo pop sound.  Wayne is joined on stage with a guitarest, drummer and 2 backing vocalists.
05. Claudia Faniello Movie In My Mind (Philip Vella, Gerard James Borg)
– Claudia is back this year with a rock sound.  She gives everything on stage and gives a fantastic performance.  She is joined by a 4 piece band and and backing vocalist, Annabelle, who was on stage with Morena at the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest in Belgrade.  Claudia certainly ‘rocked’ with this performance.
06. Klinsmann & Ben This Love (Klinsmann Coleiro, Jonathan Spiteri)
– 2 guys with guitars on stools. Simple but affective sound.  Klinsmann & Ben have an English type accents when they sing this song.
07. Eleanor Cassar Hypnotised (Paul Giordimania, Fleur Balzan)
– another very popular Maltese singer. Eleanor has a lovely ballad.  She is joined on stage by 4 backing vocalists including former Malta Eurosong finalists Dorothy Bezzina, Pamela and Leontine.  You can imagine this song as a James Bond theme.  Very strong performance.
08. Domenique I’ll Follow The Sunshine (Ralph Siegel, Dr. Bernd Meinunger)
– Domenique has the pleasure of singing the legendary Mr. Siegel’s song.  Very catchy song that apparently was submitted for Lena in Germany in 2010.  Domenique has had great success locally in the last few years in junior events and the KKI.  This is her first attempt at Eurovision. She is joined by 4 dancers/backing vocalists.  Domenique is wearing a clear mac over her short dress.
09. Rosman Pace You’ll Never Know (Steven D. Cook, Jordan Milnes)
– uptempo dance song from the popular Rosman. He is joined on stage by 3 male backing vocalists and 2 girl dancers.  An uplifting and fine performance by Rosman.
10. Raquela If I Could Do It All Again (Marc Paelnick, Mathias Strasser)
– Raquela has a beautiful ballad. She has an amazing voice and reminds me of Christina Aguilera in style.  She is joined by 4 girl backing vocalists and a pianist at the side of the stage.  Very powerful performance.
11. Sophie Love To Love You (Elton Zarb, Sophie Debattista)
 – Very catchy pop song from the 2006 Junior Eurovision participant for Malta. Sophie has certainly matured in to a great pop singer.  Sophie is wearing a short black dress and has 5 girl backing vocalists.  She gives a great performance and everyone feels happy and upbeat after this song.
12. Petra Unintentional (Elton Zarb, Rita Pace)
– Petra has a very soulfoul voice.  This has a great summer sound. She joined on stage by a drummer, guitarest and 2 backing vocalists.
13. Baklava Moon Dance (Philip Vella, Gerard James Borg)
– Uptempo song with violins.  Really catchy.  Female vocalist.  Very good performance and I could imagine this doing well at Eurovision.
14. Jamie Tonna Lost Without You (Marco Debono, Aidan O’Connor)
– This is nice ballad well performed by Jamie.  He is dressed in a white jacket and jeans.  He is joined by 4 backing vocalists including popular young singer, Danica Muscat who recently took part in the Italian talent show Io Canto.
15. Amber Touch Wood (Ray Agius, Alfred Sant)
– The 2nd of Amber’s songs tonight is another catchy pop song.  Amber won the local KKI festival in 2010.  She is wearing a purple dress and joined by 5 dancers/backing vocalists.
16. Anna Azzopardi Unfaithful (Renato Briffa, Keith Zammit)
– A jazzy type performance from Anna.  She is wearing a purple suit and has 3 female backing singers and 2 girl dancers.
17. Marilena ft Michael He’s A Demon (Michael Henry, Anthony Grech)
Marilena was formerly in the Young Talent Team who represented Malta at the 2004 Junior Eurovision. You can imagine this catchy reggae pop song in the night clubs of Malta this summer.  Marilena is wearing a lovely red dress and Michael is wearing a black shirt.
18. Glen Vella One Life (Paul Giordimania, Fleur Balzan)
– This pop dance number is very well performed by the increasingly popular Glen. He has a Michael Jackson feel to his voice.  He is wearing a red jacket and tartan trousers.  He has 2 male dancers and 3 girl backing singers.  The audience loved this.
19. J.Anvil Topsy-Turvy (Gladnikoff / Mooney / Zahra, Grech / Turner)
– the ‘great entertainer’ is back with this 40s type sound. He is joined by 2005 Irish singer Donna McCaul and Leontine on stage and dancers.  An excellent performance and J Anvil gave a perfect show.
20. Jessica Muscat Down Down Down (Philip Vella, Jessica Muscat)
– Jessica has a nice rhythmic dance song.  She is dressed in a short pink dress,  Jessica gives a great performance.
21. Kelly Schembri Love Me Like Your Money (Sven Lundhol, Gerard James Borg)
– A wonderful dance song that would be popular in any dance club around Europe.
Kelly is joined on stage by 3 girl backing singers.  She gives a good performance.
22. Fabrizio Faniello No Surrender (Johan Stentorp , Johan Bederholm)
– Fabrizio is back with an uptempo dance song with a rock feel.  He is joined by 2 female backing vocalists and also a male vocalist with guitar.  Fabrizio gives a marvellous performance.
23. Ally Numb (Ally, Ally)
– Ally gives her all in this rock number.  She is accompaniedby an all female band.  She begins the song at the piano and ‘rocks’ the stage as the song builds.
24. Richard Edwards Finally (Jan Van Dijck, Richard Micallef)
– This is a rock ballad style song very well performed.  Richard is joined by a 3 male band a girl on piano at the side of the stage.  You can imagine Ronan Keating singing this type of song.
Last year’s Maltese singer, Thea Garrett, performed 2 songs in the interval including a lovely duet with Marcin Mrozinksi (Poland 2010). Marcin then performed his 2010 Eurovision song, Legenda.
The result:  
Voting was by a combination of expert jury and televoting.  The 16 acts to make it to the final are –
Klinsmann & Ben
Jessica Muscat
Amber (Catch 22)
Glen Vella
Fabrizio Faniello
Eleanor Cassar
Richard Edwards
J Anvil
Marilena featuring Michael
Kurt Calleja
Kelly Schembri
Wayne Micallef
Claudia Faniello
Source: EuroVisionary
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