Mabel back together again for AllStars competition against another Eurovision Song Contest participant

An introduction program tonight for the Danish AllStars 2009 revealed that Mike Tramp (Mabel, 1978) will compete against Bamse (Bamses Venner, 1980) and four other well known Danish artists. A surprise came when Mike Tramp decided to reunite Mabel.  All will be fighting for their city to win money for local charity.

Mike Tramp represented Denmark in 1978 with the song Boom Boom. The band experienced big success both in Denmark and other countries, but after some years with screaming teenage girls wherever they went it became too much for some band members who preferred a more anonymous life. The band split up and Make Tramp, whose birth name is Michael Trampenau, went to the US and experienced even bigger success in the heavy rock band White Lion.
Bamse, whose real name is Flemming Bamse Jørgensen represented Denmark at the 1980 Eurovision Song Contest with his band Bamses Venner that has existed since the early 70’s. It is a household band with 35 albums behind them and is still touring around the country as one of Denmark’s most popular live bands.

In AllStars 2009 Bamse and Mike Tramp will be competing against each other and four other well known Danish singers. The other participants are R n B singer Karen, the duo UFO Yepha, Steen Jørgensen from the band Sort Sol and singer Søs Fenger who was also one of the jury members in the 2009 Dansk Melodi Grand Prix.
All six singers will compete for the city that has meant the most to their career. They will put together a choir from that city and they will try to conduct it so well that it knocks out the other five choirs. The winner will receive 250.000 Danish kroner to be used for a local charity.
There won’t be a lot of help as they need to do most themselves. In the introduction program we saw how they all went out on the streets trying to find people who could sing. Anything was allowed as long as they only found people from that city and organised an open audition on their own. This should then result in a choir of 20 people.
Mike Tramp has decided to make a rock choir from his childhood city Stenløse and pulled off an extra surprise when he asked his two former Mabel partners Peter and Otto to join the choir. They both accepted and will now be fighting for the quarter of a million which will be spent on a mobile rehearsal studio for the young people in Stenløse who wants to play music.
Bamse is going for a choir that will spread happiness and enthusiasm when they sing. He was looking for choir members on the streets of his city Århus and on a factory he used to work at. The open audition was held at the local football club, AGF’s club house. If Bamse’s choir wins the money will be spent on helping the young people with diabetes to get out on organised trips.

AllStars 2009 will officially start tomorrow evening. Below you can see the two preview videos for Mike Tramp and Bamses Eurovision Song Contest songs Boom Boom and Tænker Altid På Dig

Source: EuroVisionary
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