Linda Bengtzing and Nicke Borg goes to the final in Sweden

Sweden has tonight picked Nicke Borg and Linda Bengtzing to the final in Globen. Love Generation and Linda Pritchard will get another chance to qualify next Saturday in the second chance heat.

The songs

Song 1. Melody Club – "The Hunter" (Kristofer Östergren, Erik Stenemo, Jon Axelsson, Niklas Stenemo)
Melody Club is performing a happy pop song in a style that reminds of their hit Destiny Calling. The song starts with the lead singer Kristofer Östergren making a big leap down from the piano down onto the stage. Both theatrical smoke and confetti is used during the performance.

Song 2. Julia Alvgard – "Better or worse" (Julia Alvgard, Manne Hjelm, Ola Holstad, Joar Lenz)
Julia is singing a mid-tempo pop song with an electro beat. The backsground goes in blue and so does Julias dress. There are five string-like curtains who are openend towards the end of the song to reveal the backing singers.

Song 3. Lasse Stefanz – "En blick och nångting händer" (Alexander Bard, Ola Håkansson, Tim Norell)
The veterans in the dance-band Lasse Stefanz are performing a song with the typical dance-band sound. There are kettle-drums being used as the refrain comes.

Song 4. Linda Pritchard – "Alive" (Composers: Oscar Görres, Fredrik Kempe
Linda performs a big ballad that builds up to a powerful refrain much in the same way as the song "Moving on" with Sarah Dawn-Finer. The stage is dark with blue spotlights lighting up the background behind Linda and a wind machine is used during the performance.

Song 5. Anders Fernette – Run (Composers: Desmond Child, Negin Djafari, Hugo Lira, Ian-Paolo Lira, Thomas Gustafsson)
Anders is performing a song where the word "run" is repeated over and over again in the refrain. Anders is backed up with three male backing singer. The number features acrobatics in the air (from acrobats, not from Anders himself). Theatrical smoke is used at the end of the song.

Song 6. Linda Bengtzing – E det fel på mig (Composers: Pontus Assarsson, Thomas G:son, Jörgen Ringqvist, Daniel Barkman)
Linda delivers a song with the typical sound of her previous entries with a classical key-change towards the end of the song (especially in the older editions of Melodifestivalen a key-change could be heard in almost every song). Linda sings about that she has a real handy & safe man but in her fantasy there is another man which leads to the question in the refrain – E det fel på mig (Is something wrong with me)? 

Song 7. Nicke Borg – Leaving home (Composers:Jojo Borg Larsson, Nicke Borg, Fredrik Thomander, Anders "Gary" Wikström)
Nicke Borg sings a song mid-tempo rock song accompanied to guitars and drums (think Green Day). There are two holograms displaying Nicke playing the guitar at one stage of the song

Song 8. Love Generation – Dance Alone (Composers: RedOne (Nadir Khayat), Bilal "The Chief", Teddy Sky, AJ Junior,
Jimmy Joker, BeatGeek)
The all-female band Love Generation performs a pop song with a modern beat. The girls starts the song singing on a platform that is lowered down, the girls then walks forward on the stage (the platform is also used again later in the song).

The show
The opening is a show-number featuring the hosts Rickard Olsson and Marie Serneholt in where the city Malmö is compared to Chicago. 

The first interval act is a sketch featuring the Ark and the actor Peter Stormare. The Ark then enters the stage to perform their new song "Breaking up with god".

The result

Linda Bengtzing took the direct qualifying spot by collecting most televotes in the first round of the televoting.

Nicke Borg qualified by winning the 2nd round of the voting.

Love Generation and Linda Pritchard were 3rd and 4th (note: who came 3rd and who came 4th is not known) and gets a new chance in the second chance heat.

The rest of the results:
5. Lasse Stefanz
6. Julia Alvgard
7. Melody Club
8. Anders Fernette

A total of 372 822 votes were counted for this round.

Source: EuroVisionary, SVT
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