Latvia – The Final is Complete

After choosing the first 5 finalists last week, this evening Latvia selected the final 5 songs to battle it out in the final on March 1st. It was not obvious which songs would go through and which would be eliminated.

Aisha – You Really Got Me Going.  A strong pop song to start the contest. A good performance would give it a chance as it’s the type of song which has done well recently.

Dace Plânare – One Last Touch. A powerful ballad and a complete contrast to last song. Good ballads combined with a good performance can prove a successful combination so who knows.

Ivetta – Observations. This is a quirky song with a fairground style but you get the feeling it is trying to be serious.

Camillas & Vice Almana – Mr Weatherman. A simple arrangement for this song. It’s another which makes you think it’s a nonsense song at the start but gives the impression of being something more serious later on.

Peter Garden & Juris Vizbulis – Memory Lane. Strings and piano at the start of the song lead into more strings and orchestral arrangement for this soft ballad. It’s classy but since when did 2 chaps singing a ballad do well at Eurovision?

Ledomu spârni – Put Some Love in the World. It starts off like as song from Scandinavian finals of the 80’s but gets rockier by the 1st chorus.

Lily – Download Your Dreams. This song isn’t as daft as the title might suggest. In fact, it’s another decent pop song.  

Kristina Zaharova feat. Julian – Until You Find a Friend. The words could easily be from the High School Musical soundtrack. It’s a gentle ballad led by an acoustic guitar.

Triânas parks – Bye Bye. The lead singer sounds not unlike Amy Winehouse. It’s essentially a pop song mixed with rock.

Andris Erglis – Broken Lullaby. As the title might suggest, it’s a gentle ballad, although it does build for the last part of the song.

The televoters decided that Andris Erglis, Triânas parks and Peter Garden & Juris Vizbulis should be in the final. The juries opted for Aisha and Kristina Zaharova feat. Julian.

These songs will join the songs which qualified from the 1st semi-final last week in the final on 1st March. The complete line up is:

Funky Drivers – Summertime 
Elizabete Zagorska – Take Me Home
Pirates of the Sea – Wolves of the Sea
Sabine Berezina – If Only I Knew
Déjá vu – I’m a Part of You
Andris Erglis – Broken Lullaby
Triânas parks – Bye Bye
Peter Garden & Juris Vizbulis – Memory Lane
Aisha – You Really Got Me Going
Kristina Zaharova feat. Julian – Until You Find a Friend



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Peter Garden & Juris Vizbulis – BRILLIANT

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