Johnny Hansen’s wife comitted suicide

Johnny Hansen, lead singer in one of Denmark’s most popular bands and double national finalist, recently lost his wife. The tragic circumstances regarding her death has resulted in a population that gets together in sympathy for the popular singer and his children.

Johnny Hansen has participated in the Danish final twice. In 2001 he sang solo the song Lidt Efter Lidt and in 2005 he took part with the song Lonnie Fra Berlin with his band, Kandis. It is one of Denmark’s best selling bands with 20 years anniversary, but for a while all plans have been cancelled.
Sunday lead singer Johnny Hansen reported his wife missing. The next day she was found dead in a summerhouse area where there aren’t many people at this time of year. The police could immediately rule out that a crime had taken place and Wednesday it was made public that she had hung herself. The sorrow that him and his 12 and 15-year-old daughters are feeling might be a very private thing, but the whole case has taken up quite a lot of media space and should he ever be in doubt about his popularity he just needs to open the newspapers or go to Facebook!
Colleagues from the Danish music industry have almost been lined up in queue to express their sorrow and the population are posting thousands of messages on Facebook to show their sympathy.

His wife, 41-year-old Helle Beckhøj, will be buried  on Saturday from Hurup Kirke in North Jutland, where they lived. The local flower store confirms that her death affects more than just the family and their friends: “I have never experienced anything like it. Even though the family has decided not to announce the funeral it has still spread extremely fast. My fax hasn’t had one quiet moment today. I have simply received so many orders through Euroflorist, and also a lot via our phone system”, says Jens Møller from the local flower store “Gartneren I Hurup”.

On his website Johnny states the following: “I would like to say thank you for the big sympathy, the warm regards, many flowers and condolences which my family and me has received in our most difficult days. It warms our hearts. At the same time I would like to add that I hope our wish for being able to say goodbye to our beloved Helle quietly at the funeral, will be respected”.

EuroVisionary offers our condolences to Johnny Hansen and his family in this very difficult time. 

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