Joan Franka chosen as the Dutch hope for the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest

7 years in a row now without qualifying for the final of the Eurovision Song Contest. That is the unfortunate Dutch destiny at the Eurovision Song Contest. Today it was decided that it will be up to Joan Franka to change that with the song You And Me

When 3JS finished last in their semi-final at the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest with Never Alone it marked a situation that has become quite critical: 7 years in a row The Netherlands had not not been in the final of the Eurovision Song Contest. in this period the country has tried varies selection formats in order to find the one that would work and that, they continue with.

This year TV guru, Jon De Mol, has been brought in and the format changed once again. Tonight six artists were competing over two rounds: First a duel and then a direct competition among the three duel winners.

The songs

Duel 1:

Tim DouwsmaUndercover Lover

The first song is a simple up-tempo pop song. It is easy to relate to, but maybe a bit outdated as it sounds like something written 15 -20 years ago, but sometimes that is just what works. Tim has a very boyish look and will certainly appeal a lot to the young female audience. He is dressed in jeans, a white shirt and an open black leather jacket. He has two male dancers and two female backing singers with him on stage.   


Pearl JozefzoonWe Can Overcome

We continue with a powerful timeless ballad, which requires a powerfull voice, but Pearl manage quite well. She is dressed in a short blue dress with sparkles on it – she is wearing make-up on in the same colour.  She has four female backing singers and one male one. Near the end pyrotechnics are used. 

Duel 2:

Joan FrankaYou And Me

Third song is a song a bit in the country and western style. Joan is dressed as a native American with feathers on the head. She plays a guitar on stage, where four female joins her playing various instruments.    



Next is a a pop dance song easy to sing a long to and relate to. On stage Raffaëla is dressed in red stocking and black underwear with see though parts on the stomach. She has four female dancers with her – all also dressed in underwear. Behind them screens are showing moves from the dancers.    

Duel 3:

Kim de BoerChildren Of The World

First song in the last duet is a powerful ballad that slowly builds up. The song is absolutely in style with the many peace songs we already know like f.ex. Heal The World and We Are The Children. Kim is dressed in a long strapless dress in a faded purple colour. She starts out sitting at a white piano, but about half way through the song she stands up and walk towards the middle of the stage. A wind mashine gives plenty of wind in her long hair. She has five backing singers with her on stage, 3 men and two female.     


Ivan PerotiTake Me As I Am

Last song is a song in R’n B style. Ivan is very convincing on stage with his very powerful voice. He is dressed all in black with trousers and a closed leather jacket. He has five backing singers with him, three females and two male ones. The audience have been equcipped with led light which they are holding up through the song.  

The show:

The Dutch national final, Nationaal Songfestival 2012, kicked off at 20:20 CET and was hosted by well established singer Jan Smit who started his career as a child star having success in Germany as well. By a coincidence he took over the job as host from his ex-girlfriend Yolanthe Cabau van Kasbergen, now married to professionnel football player Wesley Sneijder. She hosted the Dutch national final in 2010 and 2011.  

In today’s show Jan Smit was looking a bit different as he was wearing glasses.

After the result of the three duels all three participants in the final was singing their songs again while the TV viewers could vote for who of them should win.  

When waiting for the televoting result to be counted up clips from previous Dutch Eurovision Song Contest participants was shown. 

The result:

A 50/50 combination of jury and televoting selected first the outcome of the three duels and then the overall result of the national final. An international jury consisting of 100 people will only be advising. Voting was done in a few minutes after each duel and the international jury gave their opinion as their seat lightend up in either blue or red. First song in a duet red and second song blue.   

The result of the three duels:

Duel 1: The international jury recommended Pearl. The professionel jury gave 11 points to Tim and 39 to Pearl. When adding the televoting the overall result of duel 1 ended up being 31,1 against 68,9. With a clear result Pearl could continue. 

Duel 2: The international jury recommended Raffaëla.The professionel jury gave 26 points to Joan and 24 points to Raffaëla. When adding the televoting the overall result of duel 2 ended up being 53,7 against 46,3. With a clear result Joan could continue. 

Duel 3: The international jury recommended Ivan. The professionel jury gave 17 points to Kim and 33 points to Ivan. When adding the televoting the overall result of duel 3 ended up being 48,4 against 51,6 . With a clear result Ivan could continue.

So through to the superfinal are:

Pearl singing We Can Overcome

Joan singing You And Me

Ivan singing Take Me As I Am

Result of superfinal: 

In the last voting Pearl was red, Joan white and Ivan blue. The international jury recommended following: 40 for Pearl, 20 for Joan and 36 for Ivan.

The professionel jury voted the following:

Pearl 19

Joan 11

Ivan 20

When adding the televoting the overall result of the superfinal ended up being:

Pearl 33,6

Joan 37,1

Ivan 29,3

And the winner who will be representing the Netherlands at the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest is Joan Franka. You can see the performance below.

Source: EuroVisionary
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