Jedward to stir things up in Germany

Here in July and August the energetic Irish twins, that finished 8th in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, will tour in their home country. In September however it is time to once again turn Germany upside down. 

With their energy Jedward quite quickly made aware of themselves at the international contest in Düsseldorf where they represented Ireland with the song Lipstick. They did that to such a degree that people were left wondering if they were on drugs, suffering from ADHD or just simply is like that. We didn’t get the answer back then, but maybe it will be revealed during their upcoming tour.

The Irish fans will see more of them over the next couple of months and in September the twin duo return to Germany for six concerts in 7 days spread around the country.

Tour schedule: (Below you can see a video where Jedward entertain the press at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest)

Date  Venue  City  Country 
17/7 – 2011  Seabreeze Festival  Arklow, Co. Wicklow  Ireland 
23/7 – 2011  JFK Dunbrody Festival  County Wexford  Ireland 
24/7 – 2011  Midsummer Magic  Lincolnshire  Ireland 
24/7 – 2007 Potters Leisure Resort  Hopton on Sea  Ireland 
30/7 – 2011  The Glasgow Show  Glasgow  Ireland 
31/7 – 2011  Grand Canal Theatre  Dublin  Ireland 
01/8 – 2011  Grand Canal Theatre  Dublin  Ireland 
03/8 – 2011  Aura Leisure Complex  Letterkenny  Ireland 
04/8 – 2011  Royal Theatre  Castlebar  Ireland 
07/8 – 2011  Wexford Opera House  Wexford  Ireland 
08/8 – 2011  UCH  Limerick  Ireland 
11/8 – 2011  TLT  Drogheda  Ireland 
12/8 – 2011  TLT  Drogheda  Ireland 
13/8 – 2011  INEC  Killarney  Ireland 
14/8 – 2011  Atlantic Sessions  Ballybunion, Co Kerry  Ireland 
15/8 – 2011  Waterfront  Belfast  North Ireland 
18/9 – 2011  Große Freiheit  Hamburg  Germany 
20/9 – 2011  Batschkapp  Frankfurt  Germany 
21/9 – 2011  TonHalle  Munich  Germany 
23/9 – 2011  Postbahnhof  Berlin  Germany 
24/9 – 2011  Gloria  Cologne  Germany 
25/9 – 2011  Zeche  Bochum  Germany 

Source: PlanetJedward, EuroVisonary
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