Jacob Sveistrup’s cooking skills not to the level of Masterchef

This week Jacob Sveistrup, Denmark’s 2005 Eurovision Song Contest participant, have been trying to impress the professionel judges in Masterchef with his cooking. He however failed misrable as they concluded that his food looks better than it taste.

The second edition of Masterchef Denmark saw a total of four Dansk Melodi Grand Prix participants, including one winner, trying out their cooking skills. At the first cut all of them managed to qualify for the next step, but as their challenges got more difficult they found themselves in problems – all with the exception of Suriya, who participated in this year’s Danish final with the song Forever I B Young. Right from the start she impressed the judges, three professionel cooks and quite easily earned herself a spot in the quarterfinal.

Right from the beginning of this week’s last regular heat before the quarterfinals will kick in it was clear that it would be extremely difficult to get both Jacob Sveistrup and Morten Lindberg aka Master Fatman through. Jacob won the Danish final in 2005 and came 9th at the following Eurovision Song Contest with the song Talking To You and Master Fatman participated in Dansk Melodi Grand Prix in 1995 and 1996. The first day both of them were told that the judges couldn’t decide who was worse than the other and therefore they came to conclusion that they couldn’t let any of them free without at least one more day in the kitchen in the hope to teach them a little bit.

The next day it was again between Jacob and Morten. They had to make a difficult French dish and both of them failed living up to the judges requirement. Morten gave up from the beginning and made a different dish, one he knew he could make – whereas Jacob did try and lookwise it appeared fine, but it didn’t taste good enough. So question was who of them would continue? The one who didn’t do what the judges asked him to do, but managed to produce food that tasted good or the one who did try, but didn’t get a good result? The professionel cooks decided to go for taste and thereby kicked Jacob Sveistrup out of the competion.

The next day however Morten Lindberg had to go the same way as his suchi was too spicy. 

Four former Dansk Melodi Grand Prix participants started – and now that we are ready for the quarterfinals only one of them are left; Suriya.  

Source: EuroVisionary
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