Intense Second Rehearsal for Christos and Cyprus

Cyprus was next on after Sweden, and it was a refreshing contrast to see a stage not cluttered up with so many props. The contrast couldn’t be bigger either in terms of music, with Cyprus’ brooding ballad sandwiched between Sweden’s electro dance effort and Bulgaria’s punkish number.

Cyprus have chosen to keep the abstract backdrop for the staging with the 16 balloons swaying from side to side on a black background floating above swirling spheres and diamonds. Personally, I think they look more like lollipops. Think these images are meant to reflect the illuminated sphere that was swung round on a rope by the woman seen in the first rehearsal, who, oddly enough was nowhere to be seen today.

The lighting is very basic, with a darkened stage to start off with in keeping with the sombre sound of the number, the stage gradually being lit up by shafts of yellow light. The lighting effect shown prior to the act taking to the stage was much more appropriate for the dramatic nature of the song, a myriad of orange beams made a spectacular effect – maybe the Cypriot delegation should consider this as an alternative.

Although the boots fixed to the stage floor on large boards looks mesmerising and fascinating to watch on screen, it’s difficult to envisage just how they’ll manage to conceal the boots on TV. Once in their boots, the dancers float and sway with such elegance, like something taken from a Chinese martial arts film, but while the dancers are moving around in between these sequences, it looks quite strange on stage. Top marks for creativity, though!

Christos’ vocals were fine, he delivered repeatedly solid performances with gusto and passion, however the number itself comes across as extremely intense and heavy – perhaps too much to make an impression on your average viewer. The banshee wailing mid song adds nothing to the number, on the contrary, it simply comes across as merely irritating.

In my view

Hats off to Cyprus for offering something which stays true to their ethnic identity, however with Greece and Cyprus in two separate semi finals, the lack of immediate appeal means that I have great difficulty in seeing this qualify.

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