Glen Vella brings life to his second rehearsal

Malta’s quest for their first win continued this afternoon when Glen Vella had his second rehearsal.  We saw how the three minutes of One Life will look on Tuesday.  How would it come across?

Big Eurovision fan Glen is living the dream by actually performing a Eurovision song.  You can tell that he’s really excited about his song’s prospects.

The backdrop to his performance is his music video, put through filters of red, blue and green.  As you may remember, his video is people singing and dancing proving that we all should be respected for who we are.

Glen is wearing a white T-shirt and denim jacket and jeans.  His dancers are in black and perform a complicated dance routine that Glen occasionally joins in.  His three female backing singers are also in black – dresses, boots, sunglasses – and sport black wigs in a bob style.  They stand on pedestals and add to the whole effect.  At the end of the song, we get firecrackers from the rigging above them.

Visually, it tends to work.  Glen’s vocals weren’t spot on throughout, so some work may be needed there.  But the one thing you can’t gtake away from this song is his enthusiasm.

In my view

Despite Glen’s obvious stage presence and the fact he engages the camera, I can’t really see this one qualifying.  There are some very good songs around him and these might not make him stand out too much.  Still, we all like surprises and this could be the one.

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