Georgia’s first rehearsal a little too busy

Sofia had her first chance to run through her song today. Geogia were the second last country to get their first rehearsal out of the way. The stage is good and she is vocally superb but there are a things that need changing with choreography.

Sofia was in fine voice today even though her dancers were throwing her around the stage far too much. She is on stage with one female and two male backing dancers. There are also two backing singers.

The stage is red, there is a star effect background and we have the bands of fabric back again. The dance routine is too much, the male dancers pull at Sofia constantly and it looks odd. The female dancers looks surplus to requirements. They should probably just have staged it like they did for the preview video, just her in a dress on a well lit stage.

The one good thing is that Sofia’s vocals need no work at all. They have a good chance, they just need to draw back a bit.

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