Georgia Has Decided: Stephane & 3G to Moscow With Controversial Song

The third national selection in Georgia to choose the entry to participate at the Eurovision Song Contest 2009, was held in Tblisi last night. Ten songs competed for the Moscow ticket, and Stephane & 3G won the title with their song We Don’t Wanna Put In, whose lyrics are rumoured to be negative towards Russia.

Last night, the Georgian national final was held in the studios of the public broadcaster GPB. The show was hosted by Nika Lomidze. The songs were performed in this order:

* Bachi Kitiashvili & Bermukha – Khvalindeli Dghe
* November – Over
* Giorgi Maisuradze – Peace In The World
* Tika Phatsatsia – Miracle
* Tony O’Malley, Mari Pavliashvili, Marika Asatiani, Nana Chikava, Andro Melashvili, Guga Aphtsiauri – Hear My Plea
* Nodiko Tatishvili – No Sun When You Are Near
* Boris Bedia – Dagvipharavs Ghmerti
* Stephane & 3G – We Don’t Wanna Put In
* Anri Jokhadze – I
* Keti Orjonikidze – Tomorrow

The show opened with a group of little bees with Bzikebi, who were the winners of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest this year at Limassol, Cyprus and their song Bzz.

After the songs were performed, the Georgian viewers were given time to cast their votes. During this period, GPB reminded us of the previous two Georgian entries.

The 30% of televoting and 70% of jury voting chose the winner.

1. Stephane & 3G – We Don’t Wanna Put In
2. Keti Orjonikidze – Hang Out
3. Boris Bedia – Dagvipharavs Ghmerti

Georgia have been drawn to compete in thefirst semi final on 12th May

Stephane & 3G has received the honour of representing Georgia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2009, Moscow. 3G also participated at the Georgian final in 2008 with their song I’m Free, but was beaten by Diana Gurtskaya.

The lyrics of We Don’t Wanna Put In is rumoured to be Russian bashing and fans are already discussing if the EBU will demand a change of lyrics.

You can listen the winning song We Don’t Wanna Put In below.

In my view

Actually the song has European sound and im sure it will do good as well. I relaized one thing at the end of the title of their song: They don’t want to put something in or they don’t wanna Putin (Russian minister). That seems we will have this discussion very soon.

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