Gary Barlow in Talks With BBC?

Rumours have today surfaced suggesting that Gary Barlow has been approached by the BBC to write the United Kingdom’s entry for the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest.

Tabloid newspaper, The Sun, reports that the lead singer and songwriter of Take That has been in discussions with the BBC about following up the success of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s involvement last year. Someone reported as “an insider” is quoted as saying,

"The BBC is now hoping that someone like Gary with his great pop writing skills can help the UK go all the way."

The rumours don’t end there. The report also suggests that former lead singer of Blue, Duncan James, will perform the song. He was involved in the BBC selection show ‘Your Country Needs You’ last year as a pundit.

It should be stressed that these are only rumours and the BBC have said that this is only speculation and nothing is confirmed yet.

If the rumours are proved to be true, it is likely to meet with the approval of fans who will see this as a very positive move by the BBC. Gary is widely regarded as one of the best songwriters in the country, and Duncan, although without a hit song since Blue split, has remained in the business and is still a well known and respected name.


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The Sun

In my view

Please, let the rumours be true!!!!!

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