Further success on the charts for Dansk Melodi Grand Prix and its participants

The official CD with all participating songs in this year’s Danish final is still selling well, although it is now fighting with the album from the Danish Junior final. A Friend In London’s Eurovision Song Contest entry New Tomorrow has become a very popular ringtone and Stine Kinck is new on the charts.

It comes as no surprise that EBU must be very eager to get the Nordic countries, and in particular Denmark back to the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. The official Junior album sold quite well in Denmark, something that is being backed up by the fact that the M:G:P 2011 (The Danish Junior Final) is most sold album in Denmark this week. On the official album top40 it simply went directly into a first position. It is second most sold album via downloads, which is measured on the Bit album top20.
For the adult show, the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix, the official album continues selling well. Just like last week it is the most sold album via downloads on the Bit Album top20 and #5 on the Album top 40. The double DVD and CD released a year ago containing clips from Dansk Melodi Grand Prix in the period 1978 – 2010 has improved its sale the past week as it has increased one position to be  4th most sold music DVD with a total of 32 weeks on the charts.
The ringtone with this year’s Danish entry New Tomorrow sung by A Friend In London has been released and it went straight into first position on the official ringtone chart. So when being in Denmark you might get to hear “Come on boys, come on girls, in this crazy crazy world…” quite a lot. On the single chart, the Track top40, the song has improved one position from last week to its current second place. For downloaded singles has however made a more significant jump from last week’s #9 to this week’s first position.  The radios have started playing the song as well, which can be seen on the Airplay top20, where it went in to a 4th place.
Anna Noa came second in the Danish final with the song Sleepless. Her single entered the charts last week and has now, in its second week, even improved from #18 to #15 this week on the Track top40. This week it has become popular as a download as well as it entered as a new #8 on the Bit Track top20.
The two who ended on a tied third position in this year’s Dansk Melodi Grand Prix have both released albums immediately after – and both albums are popular as an official download. Le Freak, who sang 25 Hours A day in the Danish final, is in its second week on the Bit Album top20 to be found as #13, which is three places better than last week. Stine Kinck qualified for the second round as the only Danish language song. That song, Hvad Hjertet Lever Af, is of course on her new album released just two days after the national final. It didn’t manage to reach the charts last week, but it is new as number 14 on the Bit Album top20.
In the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix a tribute to Tommy Seebach, who represented Denmark in 1979, 1981 and again in 1993, was served, 8 years after he died just 53 years old. The box released last year including all of his albums has re-entered the charts as #34 on the Album top40. In total it has had 12 weeks on that list.
Source: EuroVisionary
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