Fourth Slovak quarter-final yields four more semi-finalists

In its continued quest for Eurovision glory, Slovakia selects a further four acts to proceed to the semi-final stage.

Slovakia’s marathon continued tonight, with the fourth of six quarter-finals at the Bratislava Headquarters of STV.  Ten more acts were vying for four coveted places in the semi-final stage.  These acts were:

Mayo – Tón
Stereo – Niekde medzi tým
Barbora Šulíková – Čelný náraz
Alek Malo – Zmysel života
Save The Cookie – My world
Pavol Kusý – Slzy v daždi
Petra Humeňanská – Rosa rosí
Palo Drapák Band – Pocit vášne
Alone – Strašne mi chýbaš
Martina Schindlerová – Môžeš ísť
Martina finished fifth in the 2009 selection, with Palo Drapák and Alone also participating last year.  We again had the mix of rock, middle of the road, and ballad.  Sadly, there was no webcast.
Again, viewers were able to text (SMS) votes from the start of the show, again fronted by Martin Rausch in the studio and Martin Kontúr in the Green Room.
The final results were as follows:

Martina Schindlerová – 20.0%
Mayo – 12.9%
Alone – 12.0%
Petra Humeňanská – 11.6%
Pavol Kusý – 10.2%
Barbora Šulíková – 9.9%
Stereo – 7.9%
Save The Cookie – 7.0%
Alek Malo – 4.6%
Palo Drapák Band – 3.9%
The last two quarter-finals take place on 5 and 7 February.
The semi-finals take place on 14 and 21 February, with the Grand Final on 28 February.  These two stages will include a mix of text (SMS) and jury voting.

Source: Slovenská Televízia
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