A fight to qualify by Portugal

Portugal has qualified for the last three Saturday night finals.  Qualifying for a fourth one in a field like this will be a tall order.  With a quirky entry, can Portugal win in a fight for the final?

Homens da Luta were arguably a controversial choice to represent Portugal, and won the final in a very close fashion.  Indeed, it’s not the most popular song among the journalists here, but the same could be said about Alf Poier and LT United, and we remember how they did.

The group were dressed in the same outfits they wore in the national final, depicting the various aspects of Portuguese life.  The two guys in the middle were carrying a megaphone and a guitar.  The remaining four (outer) members each held two double-sided banners, with the title of the song in various languages.  The eagle-eyed among us spotted that the languages used were from countries in the first semi-final.

Our backdrop was in the Portuguese colours of red and green in the form of what looked like either roses or carnations.  They rotated and swirled roughly in time with the song.

How will this do?  Well, it will have its fans throughout Europe, and if televoters want something different, then this could sneak through.  Additionally, the lyric is very profound, and the juries around Europe will get to see these.

The second rehearsal on Friday will be very interesting to see.

Source: Eurovisionary.com, eurovision.tv
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