Experience and fame v. high school children

The third Swedish final offered 8 different songs by a good mix of experienced well-known names and young talents with a lot of energy. And that was indeed what the Swedish population went for when they picked BWO and Frida feat. Headline for the final.

The host Kristian Luuk entered the stage to the tune of Carola’s 1983 Eurovision Song Contest entry and indeed he was also dressed in the same particular yellow “suit” as she was wearing at that time. All that to celebrate that on Tuesday it is 25 years ago she won the Melodifestival with that song; Främling. 

BWOLay your love on me: This band has the experience and the professional performance to make a song which can win a Swedish final and they do indeed offer that this time as well, but some how it seems to be missing something when you compare to their 2006 song Temple of Love which came 2nd in Sweden.

Mickey HuskicIzdahice: The first song in a Swedish selection to be sung in Bosnian and for most of the song you are indeed wondering if the TV signal suddenly changed to the Croatian or the Macedonian final that were also taking place this evening. The music, the performance and even the stage light bring you to Balkan. A blonde cellist and fireworks near the end guides you right back to Sweden.

Frida feat. HeadlineUpp o hoppa:
A song quite simple in its structure, pop with a slightly rap tune. This is the cute girl next door who everyone likes. It is as taken directly from an American high school. As simple as it might be then it is impossible to really dislike it. Quite catchy if you hear it more than once.

Thérèse Andersson –  When you need me
This song offers quite some mystery. The first 15 seconds you might think that a rock song is about to build on, then she starts singing a bit of opera and when the song has finished you realise that you have just heard a very good song with quite a lot of folk music over it. She matches the song quite well with her dramatic appearance.

Patrick IsakssonUnder mitt tunna skinn
Patrick delivers exactly what he has always done. He is very sure on stage with his usual a bit shy smile and the head falling a bit on his left shoulder. This pop song will appeal to a lot of people as it gives exactly what it promise to do – and Patrick takes no chances. He delivers what he knows he can – and he does that extremely well. It suits him that he this time has a band behind him.

CaracolaSmiling in love:
3 girls dressed in yellow, green and orange dresses. One can just imagine that they would change to red, blue and white as the Serbian flag should they win in Sweden. It is a pop song in a catchy 90’s girl power style. It has some resemblance to Macedonians 100 % from 2000.

Ainbusk –  Jeg saknar dig ibland
This is a sweet romantic love song in a classic 70’s performance. The 4 girls are dressed in four almost identical dresses, but it offers the little difference which makes that it does not become too boring to look at.

EskobarHallelujah New World
This is like a British boy band from the late 90’s. It is pop with a slightly hint to rock. The 3 guys are performing with 3 TV screens in front of them which shows parts of the lyrics from time to time. Who said Eurovision was karaoke? A female cellist is placed at the side of the stage and appears from time to time. Near the end they are celebrating the victory in advance by having graffiti covers them.

Straight to the final are BWO and Frida feat. Headline. No doubt that BWO would make it, but Frida herself seemed rather surprised when she heard they had qualified and when they had to sing again the tears of joy took over and she was almost not able to complete the song. But isn’t this what music is about- being happy and make people happy? It was certainly refreshing to see this moment.

Thérèse Andersson and Caracola will get another chance to quality for the big final in Globen as they were rewarded with a place in the Second chance round.

In my view

Personally I have always loved BWO and Patrick Isaksson and they both did well and deserved to go through – but so did Thérèse! Her song really had everthing, but hopefully she will qualify from the 2nd chance. I admit that the high school song has something, but I will personally miss Patrick…  

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Source: SVT
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