Eurovision Song Contest 2014: Semi-final running order announced

Today EBU and the 2014 host broadcaster, DR, announced the running order for the two semi-finals that will take place on the 6th and 8th of May. Armenia opens semi-final 1, while Malta will have the honour of kicking the second one off. Hungary and Romania closes each of their semi-finals.

Up until last year the exact running order was made by a draw. Last year it was however changed to be the producers who together with EBU would make the running order based on which order would make the most interesting TV production. The participating countries have however still been drawn into first and second half. That hapened at an allocation draw on the 20th of January this year.

The running order for semi-final 1:

No.  Country 
1.  Armenia 
2.  Latvia 
3.  Estonia 
4.  Sweden 
5.  Iceland 
6.  Albania 
7.  Russia 
8.  Azerbaijan 
9.  Ukraine 
10.  Belgium 
11.  Moldova 
12.  San Marino 
13.  Portugal 
14.  The Netherlands 
15.  Montenegro 
16.  Hungary 

The running order for semi-final 2:

No.  Country 
1.  Malta 
2.  Israel 
3.  Norway 
4.  Georgia
5.  Poland 
6.  Austria 
7.  Lithuania 
8.  Finland 
9.  Ireland 
10.  Belarus 
11.  F.Y.R. Macedonia 
12.  Switzerland 
13  Greece 
14.  Slovenia 
15.  Romania 

Italy, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain and France are automatically qualified for the final together with host country Denmark.

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