Eurovision Song Contest 2009 – Meet the Hosts

After days of press conferences by the performers, the media had the chance to meet the presenters today.

The hosts of the semifinals, Andrey Malakhov and Natalia Vodianova, and the hosts of the final, Ivan Urgant and Alsou all made themselves available for questions. It was also a chance for host broadcaster, Channel 1 to explain their ideas for the shows.

Konstantin Ernst, the Director General of Channel 1 said that it is a chance to show the world the real Russia, "We knew from the beginning we wouldn’t make any money, or profit. It’s more expenses than profits. It’s more about the image you create. We would like to dispel the image that some Europeans have about Russia and Russians."

Alsou is no stranger to the contest, having represented Russia in 200 when she came 2nd. "It’s a very honourable task for me to host the finals. Eurovision played a very important role in my life, I’m directly connected with it. I have a wonderful partner, it’s very interesting for me to be a host as I have participated as an artist in 2000." she said.

Yuriy Aksyuta explained the concept behind the three shows, "The First Semi-Final is to be based upon famous Russian fairytales, and the Second Semi-Final based upon modern people and will have a comedy effect, an irony about the stereotypes people have of Russia. The theme of the Final will be different, the Canadian Cirque Du Soleil team will help with the introduction, the history of a singer, a little boy who grows up, the challenges in life he faces and transforms himself in to the Eurovision Song Contest winner, this of course being based upon Dima Bilan. During the interval act, this will be very emotional and some colleagues from Argentina will help Channel 1 with that, but that’s all we can tell you."

Source: EuroVisionary,
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