Eurovision 2014 Day 3 – Ireland’s first rehearsal

Can-Linn featuring Kasey Smith took to the stage in Copenhagen this afternoon. The Celtic influence was clear to hear and see on the set as a male Irish dance duo perform. Surely this could prove a good omen today; April 30th, the 20th anniversary of the debut of Riverdance

After the unforgettable Irish national final this year it was expected to be professionalism and poise for the Irish delegation as Can-Linn and Kasey Smith performed Heartbeat on stage for the first time. However on the intial run through the Irish act experienced some first rehearsal hiccups. The stage performance begins with Kasey behind a female bodhrán player who is later seen as a violinist in the performance. An ill timed technical issue at the very top of the rehearsal slot meant a false start initially where the performers were left standing unsure as to when the song would begin. This was soon rectified. The male Irish dancers are not to be seen initially.

Two female backing vocalists are positioned stage right with both in long elegant dresses. Kasey is styled every inch the glamourous girl with long extension enhanced locks, manicured nails and full make up. She wears a gold lace embellished gown which has a long fishtail from the knee, but this tail seems too long and as she walks around the stage floor it’s clear that it’s a gown that has been selected for it’s look and not really a practical design for this staging. For much of the initial runs through she is not fully connecting to camera to any great extent however this improves by the 3rd and 4th performances. 

 The male Irish dancers come into play during the first chorus wearing dark kilts and sleeveless dark shirts, their dance does bring some energy but it should be further enhanced when Kasey relaxes into this song and hits her stride. By the 4th run through it’s looking more natural and the last chorus wind machine kicks in and catches Kasey’s hair. The vocals are better each time and so I should imagine that the more she rehearses this week the better the show it will be by Thursday’s second semi final. It is such a large space, in the B&W Hallerne, perhaps more confidence and a stronger attitude will come with the further rehearsals. The camera angles when Kasey walks around the centre of the stage are not yet right and much of the time we see shots of the back of her head and shoulders as she goes.

Further celtic elements are on the backdrop square sete structure, large circular patterns which are on the stage floor also in the form of large circles with pattern where the male dancers perform. The main screens show lightening to illustrate the lyric white lightening and then the sky continue to sweep across the back set. A shaky start but this is only day one for Ireland at this years contest.

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