Eurovision 2014 day 2 – Georgia’s first rehearsal

The Georgian representatives this year are Mariko & The Shin. Mariko Ebralidze plays with different jazz bands of her native country, whereas the musical influences of group The Shin are largely traditional. The Georgian entry, Three Minutes to Earth, is one of the distinctive entries this year in terms of its unusual musical structure and lyrics.

The presentation starts with a panoramic shot of the stage where a white and yellow parachute can be seen floating. There follows a close shot to The Shin’s main singer behind his drums. Him and his drums are placed on a wooden platform whereas the stage floor is initially lit in purple and the background wall in blue. He is surrounded by the rest of the group, one of whom is sporting the floating white and yellow parachute. Mariko, wearing a floral white jacket and a purple long skirt, soon joins in singing.

The group appears to have fun on stage. This is a fairly uncomplicated, feel-good performance, but there are a few more presentational tricks apart from the use of the parachute; at some point, there is an impression of stars and planets on the stage floor and background – even a revolving planet earth makes an appearance – and there is a brief use of ghosting effect. It all finishes with the background wall displaying what looks like a sunrise.

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