Eurovision 2013 day 7: Germany’s first rehearsal

One of the biggest names in this year’s line up is for sure the German act Cascada. That is why their first rehearsal was expected with high interest among the press and fans.

After winning the German final the original version of Glorious had to be cut down from 3:30 minutes to 3 minutes. The stage presentation itself was changed a little bit as well. There has been some criticism about Natalie’s stage outfit in Hannover. This was perfectly solved.

Natalie is wearing a shiny gold/apricot coloured dress with lots of sequins, a trail and shiny high heels. On stage she is joined by two female backing singers with black dresses. At the beginning of the song Natalie is standing on top of transparent stairs. During the first chorus she is doing some dance moves accompanied by pyrotechnic.

The camera work starts with a total view during the intro of the song. As soon as Natalie starts to sing the camera spots on her. During the bridge of the song the camera moves over to the backing singers who are standing on the left side of the stairs (as seen from the audience).

As soon as Natalie starts singing her "glo-o-o" she comes down the stairs and with the last chorus she walks over the catwalk where she remains until the end of the song accompanied by gold rain. During the last two run throughs Natalie performed barefoot, probably to give her feet some break.

The backdrop is mainly kept in pink and blue colours. Vocally Natalie sounds very good and the whole presentation comes across the screen as very professional.

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