Eurovision 2013 day 5: Lithuania’s second rehearsal

Could Lithuanian entrant Andrius Pojavis improve on his last rehearsal and give us something to look forward to? After a fairly jittery first rehearsal, it would certainly be interesting to see if a few days off had given Andrius the respite he needed to give it his best shot today.

Next up after the Montenegrin spectacle was Andrius giving us a second rendition of his stadium rock number Something. He’s wearing precisely the same garb as in his first rehearsal, ie. a white t-shirt with a black leather jacket. But what’s with the hair? Is wax or gel unavailable in Lithuania? He seems to be interacting with the camera much better this time around. Behind him, the four backing singers deliver a competent performance which he himself seemed very pleased with.

Andrius’ performance this time around is indeed greatly improved, with some great sweeping circular shots of the artist. His vocals also seemed to have improved comparatively. Yet, the song itself just doesn’t engage somehow – for all the jangling guitars and intriguing vocals, the song just seems to ramble without no real structure, never really getting started and thus runs the risk of losing the viewer after the first few seconds. The chances of Lithuania qualifying at this point are looking rather meagre, but they’ve managed to surprise previously by making it through to the final, plus the fact that you can never rule out the Lithuanian diaspora for garnering those all important votes.

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