ESC 2010 – What the UK Papers Say

After the United Kingdom again finished last, the Sunday newspapers all focus on not only the result, but also the interruption of the Spanish performance and Germany’s second victory.

The Sunday Telegraph said of Daniel’s uninvited guest “It has been reported that the impostor was Barcelona fan and sports event invader Jimmy Jump. As a result of the commotion Diges, who was second on stage, was allowed to sing again at the end of the show.” It seems not everyone realsised what was going on as the paper quotes Ladbrokes spokesman James Dylan assaying We thought it was part of the show but after the security guards chased him off stage we realised it had been the best stage invader since Jarvis.”, referring to Jarvis Cockers stage invasion during Michael Jackson’s acceptance speech on receiving a Brit Award many years ago.

Tabloid paper The News of the World said, “Germany won, we lost and there was a "pitch" invasion. No, not the World Cup – the Eurovision Song Contest.”

The Sunday Mirror described the whole show as “the usual entertainment including a range of ballads, unusual props and costumes such as dresses which turned into butterfly wings”. A mention is also made of a former winners not quite so successful return to the contest, “Also failing to finish high up among the 25 countries was Ireland, whose hopes rested on former Eurovision winner Niamh Kavanagh. The flame-haired singer took the title for Ireland in 1993 with a powerful rendition of In Your Eyes, the second victory of Ireland’s three-in-a row.”

The Mail on Sunday quotes Lena and her thoughts about winning the contest, "This is so great. I never thought something like this could ever happen to me.’. there is also a quote from Svante Stockselius on the financial problems encountered by the contest, "Of course the economic crisis is affecting us, we have fewer countries competing this year and they all withdrew for the same reason – budget cuts."

Finally, The People is one of many papers to quote UK commentator, Graham Norton, "Poor old Josh. He gave a very credible performance tonight and he should be proud of himself but it wasn’t to be."

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