Emmy to Boom and Chaka in Düsseldorf!

Yet another country begins its journey to Germany, bringing the flag from Armenia. The National Final was held tonight in Yerevan, with Boom Boom giving Emmy the ticket for Düsseldorf.

The show was broadcasted by the national tv company ARM TV at 18.30 and all viewers were able to watch tonight’s national final via ARM TV satellite or the official website of the contest, eurovision.tv.

The Songs

Hi (music: Vahram Petrosyan, lyrics: Miriam Shahinyan, arranger: Lazarro): was the first act of the night with an uptempo song. Unfortunately she was not singing live on the stage. We were able to see her outline on stage where she was standing all alone. She was dressed all in black carrying apolet with a symbol of the Eurovision logo on her shoulders.

Boom, boom (music: Apricota, Murzo, lyrics: Sosi): the second song of the night was an uptempo song, with Emmy’s accent shining through. This fan favourite was Meditarranean in style as she was singing boom boom and chaka-chaka which could carry Armenia all the way to the top.

Ayo (music and lyrics: Derhova): Ayo was the third act in English, just as the previous two songs were. This was yet another uptempo song, in the style of more modern pop with not much Eastern influence tro be heard. 

Goodbye (music and lyrics: Martin Kesici): Martin Kesici’s song was a ballad in a western music style which would not sound out of place representing the likes of the United Kingdom, upon hearing it, you’d never guess that it was an Armenian song. This song coul dhave great potential to achieve a great result in Düsseldorf. Emmy proved once more that she also has strong vocals, but we still don’t know how she sings live. 

The Show

The show was called Evratesili Azgayin Yntrutyun and it took place in the Armenian broadcaster’s studios in Yerevan. Although the stage was designed well with a great party vibe, floor space was lacking for Emmy to move around enough. The show started with performance of young talent Vladimir Arzumanyan‘s song Mama who will have the honour to represent Armenia on home ground at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest which will be held in Yerevan later this year.

The order of the songs was decided on the stage by a drawi, with the help of Vladimir Arzumanyan and the hosts. Then we were able to see Emmy’s experiences in the studio. Emmy unfortunately did not sing live on stage, something quite remarkable at a national final such as in Armenia, the songs having been aired previously.

One of the former representatives of Armenia at the contest, Andre, who succesfully flew the Armenian flag in Athens, finishing 8th place with his song Without Your Love performed. He sang one of the songs from his recent album, as well as singing a part of Without Your Love with the audience. Another former participant, Sirusho, who received a very respectable 4th place at the contest in 2008, performed a song with an ethnic flavour, the lyrics barely consisting of more than dabadai! We could call it dabadai’ish if she created a new language. She also sang lines from Qele Qele to an enthusiastic audience. Hayko, who represented the country in 2007 with Anytime You Need, was next on stage performing another ballad from his recent album. He also treated the crowds to an extract from his previous entry.


The results were announced after ARM TV calculated the mixture of 50/50 jury and televoting. After the countdown, there were 15 minutes for the fans to televote. Recaps were also shown in this period. Avraam Russo was with us to announce the results after his performance:

…And the winner is Boom Boom!

Armenia will participate in the first semifinal of Eurovision Song Contest on the 10th of May and it is obvious that Emmy won’t have a lot of work to do in qualifying for the final.

You can hear the winning entry, Boom Boom below: 

Source: Eurovisionary
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