Emmelie de Forest with a clear lead in the OGAE fanclub voting

The bookmakers have Denmark as their top favourite to win the Eurovision Song Contest next month in Malmö – and so far the fans are pretty much in agreement with this. After the points from five of the fan clubs Emmelie de Forest has a clear first position as the fan favourite of the year.

Many Eurovision fans are organised in the so-called OGAE clubs, which most participating countries have their own department of. OGAE is short for Organisation Générale des Amateurs de l’Eurovision and was founded in 1984 in Finland.

Aside from practical things like helping its members with tickets for national finals and the Eurovision Song Contest itself, it is most of all a meeting place for fans. Various events are organised within OGAE – one of these being the annual voting leading up to the contest. So let’s take a look at what the organised fans thinks of the songs from this year:

Five fan clubs have so far been voting: OGAE Ireland, OGAE Bulgaria, OGAE Slovenia, OGAE Armenia and OGAE Rest of the World, which covers the non participating countries. Armenia and Bulgaria have both awarded Denmark with 12 points, while Ireland and Slovenia gave Emmelie de Forest 10 points. From OGAE Rest of the World she received six points only, but still enough to secure her a first position so far with a total of 50 points. On a second place follow San Marino with 30 points while Italy and Germany currently have a tied third place with 26 points.

The full scoreboard can be seen in OGAE International’s Google Docs spreadsheet where it is frequently being updated as new points come in. 

The annual pre voting have been going on since 2007. It is not always the fan favourite that ends up winning, but out of the previous six years they have been spot on three times:

OGAE winners:

Year Country Artists Songtitle Actual Eurovision placement
2007  Serbia  Marija Serifovic  Molitva  1st place in the final
2008  Sweden  Charlotte Perrelli  Hero  18th place in the final
2009  Norway  Alexander Rybak  Fairytale  1st place in the final 
2010 Denmark  Chaneée & N’evergreen  In A Moment Like This  4th place in the final 
2011  Hungary  Kati Wolf  What About My dreams  22nd place in the final 
2012  Sweden  Loreen Euphoria 1st place in the final 

Emmelie de Forest will participate for Denmark in the first semi-final on Tuesday the 14th of May with the song Only Teardrops. From starting position 5 she will try to bring her country into the final – and if she manage that – then to live up to being one of the favourites to win the entire contest. 

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Source: Ogaeinternational.com, Wikipedia, EuroVisionary
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