Eldrine to wave Georgian flag in Düsseldorf

The Georgian national final was held tonight in Tblisi which decided the lucky act to be perform at the Eurovision Song Contest in Düsseldorf in this May.  Eldrine won the battle with the song, One More Day, in competition with with 7 other acts.

The show started at 15.30 CET and took place in the pavilion in Tblisi. The show was broadcasted by Georgian national broadcaster GPB’s main channel 1TV. It was also available to watch via internet and satellite.

The show begun with a performance by Sopho Khalvashi who succesfully waved the Georgian flag in Helsinki, Finland. We were able to listen to her ethnicial song, My Story. Then the juries were introduced and the acts of the show began to sing with this running order:

  • Temo SajaiaSoldier Song (Lyrics: Rati Amaglobeli – Composer: Dato Porchkhidze): Soldier Song is the first song of the night. Temo is singing it in the Georgian language even though the title is in English. This up tempo song is quite good for the beginning with ethnic elements though out. Georgians could bet on Temo anyway.
  • Salome KorkotashviliLove (Lyrics: Levan Svanishvili, Salome Korkotashvili – Composer: Salome Korkotashvili):  Salome was experienced in music despite being quite young, her song is more in western style, RnB. She was also tipped for winning the title of this year’s Georgian selection before the contest. Well, we will learn it soon.
  • Sweet PillsFace to Face (Lyrics: Mari Manjavidze, Tako Jordania – Composer: Zura Makhniashvili): Sweet Pills on the stage with their song Face to Face as the 3rd act. The song by the girl band remind us of Pussycat Dolls. style. They could have already won tonight if only the audience were at the age between 15 and 22.
  • Dito Lagvilava & Group NovemberNew Day (Lyrics: Davit Mchedlishvili, Dito Lagvilava – Composer: Lasha Mikautadze): We gear down again with the 4th act, a ballad, New Day. Group November and Dito are singing in the the Georgian language.
  • Tako GachechiladzeIt’s OK (Lyrics: Tako Gachechiladze, Tornike Turmanidze – Composer: Giga Kukhianidze): Tako was one of the favourites for today’s show untl the last minute but  she was withdrew with her song, It’s OK.
  • Nini ShermadiniRejected (Lyrics & Music: Leonidas Chantzaras, Peter Ries, Paulini Curuenavuli): This was the 5th act of the show. She really proved that it wouldn’t be easy to to beat her as she has strong vocals. Her up tempo song would really be nice to hear at the stage this May in Düsseldorf.
  • The GeorgiansLoved, Seen, Dreaming (Lyrics & Music – Giorgi Amashukeli): This hard rock group could really be good in the Nordics where this style is loved. It’s not given much chance for their entry in Georgia. 
  • EldrineOne More Day (Lyrics: DJ Rock, Mikheil Chelidze (MIKEN) – Composer: DJ BE$$): The last song, One More Day, was performed by Eldrine and her group. This up tempo song was one of the good performances in today’s show. This really rocked the fans.

The Show

After a short interviews with the each participiants, 1TV went for an advertising programme and we were able to see Sophie Nizharadze who represented Georgia in Oslo last year, who had succesfully qualified for the final. After a short interview, we were able to listen another song by Sophie.

Now Georgian broadcaster are showing parts from the 2007 contest where Georgia took part for the first time ever. We were also able to watch the minutes when Georgia took thei first 12 points in their history. Now, we were tuned on for the 2008 Eurovision Contest which was held in Serbia, and of course, we were able to listen to the winning names of those two years’ contests, Maria Serifovic and Dima Bilan.

As you may be remember, Georgia withdrew from the contest in 2009 due to the contraversial lyrics and so 1TV skipped that year’s contest by just showing the  act, Stephane & 3G‘s We Don’t Wanna Put In. Then we tuned for last year’s contest which took place in Oslo.

The Voting

During the show, we were frequently watching the recaps of tonight’s songs before the voting lines would be closed at the end of the show when the results would be revealed. The winner will be announced after a combination of jury and televoting results 50/50.

And Eldrine took the ticket to represent her country at the Eurovision Song Contest in Düsseldorf in this May. She will participate at the first semifinal which will be held on 10th May in Telenor Arena, Düsseldorf.

Source: EuroVisionary
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