El Rotorno: Soraya, Virginia and Jorge Qualify for the Spanish Final

Tonight, the Spanish second semifinal, El Rotorno, was held by the broadcaster TVE. Ten entries competed to be one of the best three entries to take final tickets at the end of the night. Soraya, Virginia and Jorge González qualified for the final at the end of the night.

The Spanish second semifinal, El Rotorno was held on eatro-Casino L’Aliança de Poble Nou in Barcelona tonight. The show was hosted by Alaska and Miguel Serrano. A total of ten candidates battled with each other in order to get through to the grand final. TVE, the national Spanish broadcaster, has been working hard to prepare tonight’s show.

Tonight’s candidates are: Soraya, Roel, Virginia, Jorge González, Calipop, Electronikboy, Diqesi, Leather Boys, Ángeles Vela and Salva Ortega. The top three candidates with the highest results would qualify for the grand final. A 50/50 Jury and televoting results decided which three candidates were going to pass to the final. Jose Luis Urribari, Toni Garrido, Mauro Canut , Victor Escudero and Mariola Orellana are the members of the expert jury of tonight.

The show began one of the special guests, Lola Flores, performing one old song from 70’s, Gwendolyne. After Lola Flores, all the jury members were introduced to the vievers by Alaska.

* Diqesi – Subiré: The song is showing everyone totally the Spanish life. It includes a mix of flamengo, tango, pop and rhumba with the guitars. Diqesi has quite a strong performance. 

* Roel – Y Ahora Dices: The second contestant enters the stage with a suprise guest, Anabel Conde. Anabel is a well known Eurovision singer who participated in 1995. Although many years have passed since then, Anabel doesn’t seemto have lost anything.

* Salva Ortega – Lujuria: The third entry is quite good, with Spanish rhythms mixed with Arabic music. Salva and the backing girls are doing pretty well on stage. It seems that it’s really going be hard for the jury and Spanish fans.

* Soraya – La Noche es Para Mí: Come on and take me! Soraya is the fourth participiant, she won the web-poll that TVE hosted to choose the national selection entries on myspace. She is performing very well on stage with five dancers. Her catchy song is entertaining all the audience with Arabic rhythms. It seems it’s not going to be hard for her to take a final ticket.

*Virginia – True Love: The first ballad of the night is performed by Virginia. This song is quite in the style of the Eurovision Song Contest. Virginia is doing as well on the stage as previous the participiants. Although it’s a good song performed in a Eurovision Song Contest style, it is going be hard to qualify for the final of El Rotorno.

* Calipop – Burbuja: A strange performance is coming from the group Callipop. It is reminiscent of last year’s Spanish entry Baila El Chiki Chiki. The members of group wear casual clothes and they are trying to do something good on stage. If the Spanish people think this kind song would do well in Moscow, they might have a chance.

* Ángeles Vela – Vístete de Primavera: The seventh singer of the night, Ángeles, who is dressed very colourfully tonight, brings us a song with a pop and rock style. She has a pretty good voice and she shows that she will be fighting until the last minute of voting, although her song is not one of the bests tonight.

*  Jorge González – Si Yo Vengo a Enamorarte: This should have been a Moroccon national final instead of the Spanish one with those Arabic rhythms. Jorge begins the song powerfully and has five dancers on the stage. The song turns into rap a bit later. This may a chance to qualify with that style.

* Electronikboy – Mon Petit Oiseau: The first French song of the night, which is unusual for Spain. This song is in an electronic style, which is close to the Bulgarian 2008 entry DJ, Take Me Away. As we have not seen many such songs in the contest, this song may be an option for the Spanish vievers.

* Leather Boys – We’re Living In a Bar: The last entry of the night is performed in a rock style. Although this song is in English, it’s hard to understand what they are singing. They are trying to rock everyone, but it seems it’s going to be another hard night.

After the performances of the ten entries, we entered the voting period as Alaska opened the phone lines. Another special guest of the night is Nena Daconte performing Poupée de Cire, Poupée de Son in Spanish. After Nena, Rosario performed her hit songs from her latest album.

This week, all juries agreed with one result. It seems we will not have a marathon show this week. Here comes the result of the jury:

* Electronikboy, 1 point
* Calipop, 2 points
* Leather Boys, 3 points
* Ángeles Vela, 4 points
* Diqesi, 5 points
* Roel, 6 points
* Salva Ortega, 7 points
* Jorge González, 8 points
* Virginia, 10 points
* Soraya, 12 points

After jury voting, here comes the televoting results:

* Electronikboy, 1 point
* Calipop, 2 points
* Roel, 3 points
* Diqesi, 4 points
* Ángeles Vela, 5 points
* Leather Boys, 6 points
* Salva Ortega, 7 points
* Jorge González, 8 points
* Virginia, 10 points
* Soraya, 12 points

With that result, Soraya, Virginia and Jorge have qualified to the Spanish final directly. Salva Ortega will participate in the second chance round to take final ticket. The show finishes with Nena Daconte song again.

Source: Eurovisionary
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